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<h2>B. Process: Solution or Melt Electrospinning</h2>
<h2>B. Process: Electrospinning</h2>
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The Electrospinning process is based on the electrohydrodynamics phenomenon, where a material substrate loaded within a syringe
with a charged needle tip attached pointing towards a grounded collector is extruded and subsequenlly stretched using a high volatage potential.
Assuming that the material substrate is viscoelastic enoough and as soon as the electrostatic stresses overcome the surface tension
of the material, fibers in a chaotic motion are deposited on teh collector. The fiber formation mechanism is shown in the video below:
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<iframe class="embed-responsive-item" src="img/electrospinning-amazing-video-smaller.mp4"></iframe>
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The two main types of electrospinning process are: a) solution electrospinning and b) melt electropsinning.
This classification is based on the material form used for processing with SES using polymer solution (pellets/powder
mixed with solvent) and MES using pure polymer melt without any chemical solvents. THe 3 main common components
for both processes are: a) extrusion device that can be either mechanical using a syringe pump or pneumatic,
b) a high-voltage power supply and c) a collector that in the most basic setup is a flat grounded aluminum plate.
<img src="img/ses-vs-mes.PNG" class="rounded mx-auto d-block" width="80%">
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D0ifferent types of extrusion, nozzles and collectors assembled either in horizontal or vertical configuarations have been
reported in the literature leading to different types of electrospinning processes. Each electrospinning process has advantages
and disadvantages depending on the application.
<h2>C. FAB-ES Machine Collection</h2>
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