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......@@ -35,9 +35,28 @@ The most common ones are illustrated here:
<img src="images/topology_types.png" width="800" />
For a good coverage of the history of textiles over the ages, see:
* "The golden thread: how fabric changed history", by Kassia St. Clair [worldcat](;qt=owc_search)
<a data-caption="(c) Carmen Snow 2019">
<img src="images/intro_first_people.jpg" width="800" />
<img src="images/intro_comp_textiles.jpg" width="800" />
* Textile is ancient.
* Textile has been done in local communities for a very long time.
* Complex textiles programming is not new, nor are most current machines for it.
<img src="images/intro_women.jpg" width="800" />
Textile has primarily be done by women in many countries.
Given all the related discriminations, it has received little branding or hype until recently.
<img src="images/intro_industries.jpg" width="800" />
Textile involves many complex and very interesting engineering and design processes.
It is part of many industries, not just fashion.
## <a id="processes">Textiles Processes</a>
......@@ -884,5 +884,5 @@ i[class^="icon-"]{opacity:0.5;vertical-align:-2px;}
[data-caption] {position: relative;}
[data-caption]{position: relative;}
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