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Geodesic domes have always occupied a special place in the heart of MIT, and of the Media Lab in particular. They are deeply [solar punk]( in their modular archiecture and utopian ideals. Inspired by [Jake, Sara and Agnes' dodecadome]( from a previous [99F](, we decided to build a new one for the first outdoors 99F. Because the dome would be outside, we decided to go bigger in size.
## Designing the Dome
<img src="img/dome6.png" alt="scheme" width = "800px">
<img src="img/dome6.png" alt="scheme" width = "500px">
The dome was designed for robustness: it was stress test to ensure multiple drunk people to could climb on it safely (although this behavior was discouraged at the party).
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ Then we cut the 2x4's down to size, and pre-drilled them with a 3D printed compo
<img src="img/alfonsodome.png" alt="scheme" width = "800px">
## Partying in the Dome
The 99F Party explored themes of hope, renewal and integration with nature.
<img src="img/dome7.jpeg" alt="scheme" width = "800px">
<img src="img/dome10.jpg" alt="scheme" width = "800px">
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