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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Geodesic domes have always occupied a special place in the heart of MIT, and of
## Designing the Dome
<img src="img/dome6.png" alt="scheme" width = "500px">
The dome was designed for robustness: it was stress test to ensure multiple drunk people to could climb on it safely (although this behavior was discouraged at the party).
The dome was designed for robustness. We did some beam analysis to determine critical nodal loads that the dome would be submitted when assembled. As it was such a large structure, the own structure would need to be eventual scafolding supporting structures for the top nodes. The loads were multiplied with a factor of safety of 4 and the result was that the structure really didnt care about those loads. The overal safety factor was over 41.
<img src="img/dome4.png" alt="scheme" width = "800px">
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