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# COVID-19 Swab Testing
# ***MENU***
Introduction and Allowable values[^1]
Introduction and Allowable values [^1]
......@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ The tests to determine the viability of any design will be:
**IMPORTANT!** Two more test could be designed. Those one will be related with the amount of particles collected in the tip.
# **Allowable values**. Testing official NP Swabs at CBA Instron
[^1]: # **Allowable values**. Testing official NP Swabs at CBA Instron
<img src="images/OffNPS.jpeg" alt="plot1" width="900"/>
In this section, results of all experiments will be posted and can be used to compare with any value obtained by any proposed design. With difficulty, we have been able to receive 4 samples. That's why it was not possible to make multiple times some tests to establish a mean value and a deviation.
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