Commit 20731721 authored by amandaghassaei's avatar amandaghassaei

hopefully fixed the extra vertex problem

parent 61ec0d94
......@@ -256,13 +256,16 @@ function initPattern(globals){
if (badVertices.length>0){
//bad vertices in ascending order
for (var i=badVertices.length-1;i>=0;i--){
vertices.splice(badVertices[i], 1);
// for (var j=badVertices[i];j<set.length;j++){
// set[j][0]--;
// set[j][1]--;
// }
for (var j=0;j<set.length;j++){
var edge = set[j];
if (edge[0]>badVertices[i]) edge[0]--;
if (edge[1]>badVertices[i]) edge[1]--;
removeDuplicates(outlines, outlines);
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