Commit 7a231bb5 authored by amandaghassaei's avatar amandaghassaei
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small changes

parent e5d1856e
......@@ -623,8 +623,9 @@ function initPattern(globals){
if (_weededVertices.length > 0){
// console.log(_weededVertices);
if (badColors.length==0) globals.warn("Some vertices are not fully connected, try increasing vertex merge tolerance.<br/>" +
"Aborting file import.");
if (badColors.length==0) globals.warn("<br/>Some vertices are not fully connected,<br/>" +
"try increasing vertex merge tolerance.<br/>" +
"Aborting file import.<br/><br/>");
else $("#warningMessage").append("This error caused the file import to abort.<br/><br/>");
return true;
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