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<p><b>File Import Tips</b><br/><br/>
Bad design files will throw errors and create models that explode or cannot be solved, here are some tips for
importing FOLD or svg files that work.<br/><br/>
<b>Importing FOLD:</b><br/>
<b>Importing SVG:</b><br/>
<b>Importing FOLD:</b><br/><br/>
The FOLD file format is specified in <a target="_blank" href="">these docs</a>.
This tool imports FOLD v1.0 files with <b>all</b> of the following fields populated:
If you are unsure whether your FOLD file is valid, you can inspect it using the
<a target="_blank" href="">FOLD Viewer</a>.<br/>
<b>Importing SVG:</b><br/><br/>
<li>The SVG importer supports path objects and line objects (coming). Please convert polygons to paths before importing.</li>
<li>Valley folds are red - <span style="color:red">rgb(255, 0, 0), hex #ff0000</span></li>
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