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<li>Hinges (undriven creases) have <b style="color:magenta">magenta</b> stroke - rgb(255, 0, 255), hex #ff00ff -
edges of this type will swing freely.</li>
creases of this type will swing freely.</li>
<object type="image/svg+xml" data="assets/doc/hinges.svg">
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I use Illustrator to create SVGs (though any vector editing program should be fine). Here are some tips I've found for making svgs to import into this tool.<br/><br/>
<li>If you are starting with a pre-made vector file, first ungroup any groups (<b>Select all + Object > Ungroup All</b>) and release all clipping masks (<b>Select all + Object > Clipping Mask > Release</b>).</li>
<li>Create geometry using the <b>Line Segment Tool</b>.</li>
<li>Create geometry using the <b>Line Segment</b>, <b>Rectangle</b>, and <b>Polygon</b> tools.</li>
<li>Illustrator can help you select all lines of a particular type so that you can edit their color or opacity together. Click the line,
then go to <b>Select > Same > Appearance</b> to select all similar lines in the pattern.
<li>Finally hit <b>Save As</b> and select <b>.svg</b> extension. I'm using the default SVG 1.1 settings, but version 1.0 will work as well.</li>
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