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These files were generated by Maze Folder, an app by Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, and Jason Ku that creates crease patterns for any raised maze on a square grid. Based on the paper Folding Any Orthogonal Maze by the same authors.
Designed by David Huffman. Crease pattern adapted from the paper Reconstructing David Huffman's Origami Tessellations.
Designed by Ron Resch.
Designed by Robert Lang. All original crease patterns can be found on Lang's website.
Designed by Robert Lang using Treemaker. More info about Lang's Treemaker software can be found in the Treemaker Manual or in the book Origami Design Secrets. All original crease patterns can be found on Lang's website.
Move Fold Percent slowly for this pattern to fold correctly!
When this pattern is triangulated (during the setup of the simulation) it forms many skinny triangles, these triangles are very unstable as the pattern folds.
Alternating asymmetric hinge triangulation of hypar from (Non)existence of Pleated Folds: How Paper Folds Between Creases.
Designed by Samuel Randlett.
Comparison of square twist bistability, inspired by the paper Origami structures with a critical transition to bistability arising from hidden degrees of freedom. Switch to strain visualization to compare patterns.
Designed by Koryo Miura.
Designed by Sam Calisch.
Designed by Elod Beregszaszi, original patterns available at Popupology.
Designed by Ullagami, original pattern available at Ullagami.
Designed by Tomoko Fuse. Crease pattern by Sara Adams - video of the design process on YouTube.
Designed by Yoshinobu Miyamoto. Crease pattern from Happy Folding.
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