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......@@ -2,9 +2,9 @@ This is documentation for impact testing infrastructure, intended to measure pea
The specs for the test are a mass of 7.8 kg, traveling at 1 m/s, with an circular impact area of diameter of 4 cm.
<img src='impactor/release-design.png' height=250px>
<img src='impactor/testing.jpg' height=250px>
<img src='video/tracker.png' height=250px>
<img src='impactor/release-design.png' height=220px>
<img src='impactor/testing.jpg' height=220px>
<img src='video/tracker.png' height=220px>
<a href=''>impactor/</a> contains design files for a release mechanism for the mass. This is built around a solenoid and a push-button quick release pin (90985A311 from McMaster-Carr).
......@@ -22,3 +22,8 @@ The specs for the test are a mass of 7.8 kg, traveling at 1 m/s, with an circula
<img src='analysis/img/asker-trajectories.png' height=300px>
<img src='analysis/img/asker-energies.png' height=300px>
I've been using this measurement device to characterize the dynamics of folded foam samples I've been producing. Below are the acceleration profiles of two folded samples compared against conventional foams.
<img src='analysis/impact-first-kiri.png' height=300px>
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