This is documentation for impact testing infrastructure, intended to measure peak acceleration and energy return of foam samples.

The specs for the test are a mass of 7.8 kg, traveling at 1 m/s, with an circular impact area of diameter of 4 cm.

impactor/ contains design files for a release mechanism for the mass. This is built around a solenoid and a push-button quick release pin (90985A311 from McMaster-Carr).

pcb/ contains design files and firmware for an embedded logging system using the ADXL372Z accelerometer and the Cortex M0 Adalogger board for Micro SD Card integration and battery management.

fw/ contains embedded code for detecting impact, sampling, and writing to the SD card.

analysis/ contains an ipython notebook for analyzing the acceleration profiles, extracting peak acceleration levels and energy dissipation.

video/ contains details of video analysis of the drop test. For now, this is implemented with a Sony RX-100 IV camera shooting at 960 fps and the free software Tracker to analyze acceleration profiles.