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## Soap film wind tunnel ## Soap film wind tunnel
<img src='img/overall.jpg' height=300px> Reservoir of soapy water at the top, needle valve to control flow, monofilament line forms the rails. Solution is collected at the bottom and pumped back to the top.
<img src='img/tank.jpg' height=300px>
<img src='img/overall.jpg' height=500px>
<img src='img/tank.jpg' height=500px>
<img src='img/lps-warmup.jpg' height=300px>
<img src='img/first-fringes.jpg' height=300px>
I first tried single color power LEDs to see interference fringes. I didn't observe very clear fringes. Then I switched to a low-pressure sodium lamp. I saw very clear fringes.
<img src='img/lps-warmup.jpg' height=250px>
<img src='img/first-fringes.jpg' height=250px>
### First videos
<img src='vid/line-small.mp4'> <img src='vid/line-small.mp4'>
<img src='vid/finger-small.mp4'> <img src='vid/finger-small.mp4'>
I need to fix the flicker from the ballast for my low pressure sodium lamp.
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