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......@@ -41,6 +41,14 @@ The coil-magnet topology (planar magnetic) is used for some high end headphones.
<img src="img/magnet-coil-flux.png" height=300px>
<img src="img/magnet-coil-force.png" height=300px>
#### magnet grids
In our meeting this morning, we talked about how rod magnets are more widely available than long, thin bar magnets, and that making grids of rod magnets could make assembly really easy and offer design freedom. Below are two sketches of square and hex grids with coils routed to capture perpendicular flux. Magnets are blue circles, all closest pairs have opposite polarity.
<img src="img/square-grid.png" height=400px>
<img src="img/hex-grid.png" height=400px>
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