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......@@ -20,10 +20,13 @@ The coil-coil topology relies on coils to generate all magnetic fields, not just
<a href='comsol/coil-coil-speaker.mph'>comsol file</a>
<img src="img/coil-coil-flux.png" width=400px>
<img src="img/coil-coil-flux.png" height=200px>
<img src="img/coil-coil-force.png" height=200px>
<img src="img/coil-coil-force.png" width=400px>
<img src="img/magnet-coil-flux.png" height=250px>
<img src="img/magnet-coil-force.png" height=250px>
The coil-magnet topology (planar magnetic) is used for some high end headphones. It can produce significantly more force than coil-coil, even with very thin magnets.
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