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## Printed stepper motor
The motor below was printed using <a href=''>Proto Pasta's Iron-doped PLA</a>, which has a relative permeability of around 10.
<img src='printed-stepper.jpg' width=300px>
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<img src='printed-stepper.jpg' width=600px>
This directory contains STLs and a Fusion design file.
Be warned -- there are a few crucial design errors! First, the tooth size is too small given the reduced relative permeability of this filament, as compared to magnetic steel ($`\mu_r \approx 1000`$). Second, while the two magnetic poles have a full tooth offset, the two electrical phases don't have a half tooth offset. Duh! So, even if the tooth size we correct, the stepper wouldn't step in a predicatble direction. Someday I'll fix these and print another...
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