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......@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ This project documents work towards a custom sewing machine for experimenting wi
The prototype uses some components available from Sailrite made for the Ultrafeed LS-1 machine. Sailrite provides detailed exploded views of this machine in <a href='Sailrite Walking Foot Sewing Machine.pdf'>the manual</a> and sells components at <a href=''>their website</a>. This prototype uses parts 9601, W172, 1232, 123100, 123011, 103273, 103274, 1603, and 102496.
It also uses two <a href=''>Drylin-RJMP-01-06</a> from IGUS, an inexpensive self-lubricating linear bearing.
<a href='cad'>cad/</a> contains a Fusion360 file for the full assemply, as well as STLs for the necessary 3D printed parts.
<a href='driver_3ax'>driver_3ax/</a> contains design files and milling files for a driver pcb using the XMega A4U and three A4953 H-Bridges. It is designed to drive three <a href=''>25D DC gearmotors from Pololu</a>.
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