Commit c979ad7a authored by Sam Calisch's avatar Sam Calisch
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change trajectory logging to use tcp position and grab internal accelerometer values

parent e54f6ce1
......@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ def log_dev(packet):
#print "\033[2J"
#print "\033[H"
#print "Message Size:\t%d"%packet[0]
msg = (packet[1],) + tuple(packet[2:8]) + tuple(packet[8:14]) + tuple(packet[32:38]) + tuple(packet[38:44])
msg = (packet[1],) + tuple(packet[56:62]) + tuple(packet[62:68]) + tuple(packet[74:80]) + tuple(packet[80:86]) + tuple(packet[109:112])
f.write( ("%f,"*(1+4*6+3)+"\n")%msg)
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