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1. <a href=''>Raspberry Pi Zero W</a>, $10.00
2. <a href=''>SuperEyes B008 USB Microscope</a>, $95.50
3. <a href=''>Anker 3350mAh USB Battery</a>, $19.99
4. Flat tipped M4 set screw, 8x (TODO, find exact link)
4. Flat tipped set screw 5mmx0.8mmx10mm, McMaster 92605A233, $6.38 for pack of 50 (only need 8)
5. USB type A plug (TODO, find exact link)
For alignment, I find this 2.5mm hex-shank allen bit helpful: McMaster 7389A22
Also, for tapping the M3 mounting holes for the raspberry pi, a tap is helpful (can also just use the screws to threadform). E.G. McMaster 8302A12
## Building the scope
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