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# H&V PN13015AP2
manufacturer site: [PN13015AP2](
## measurements
- thickness: 0.081 mm
- weight (10x10mm square): 0.0020 g
## imaging
- smaller diameter fiber than the rest of the HV filter material, but it's "messier" with more melted clumps and knots
<img src="./SEM/PN13015AP2_20nmAu_top_0001.jpg" height="600">
<img src="./SEM/PN13015AP2_20nmAu_top_0003.jpg" height="600">
<img src="./SEM/PN13015AP2_20nmAu_top_0009.jpg" height="600">
<img src="./SEM/PN13015AP2_20nmAu_top_0006.jpg" height="600">
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