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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ You can convert a png to a vector image by using Inkscape Trace Bitmap tool. Thi
3. Select parameters for the best trace. If you want more than one path to be created, then select multiple scans. Usually, I find it easiest to scan by color, with n+1 number of scans for an image with n colors. You can update a live preview to see how it would turn out.
4. Finally, click "apply" and new paths will be generated for each trace, directly on top of the original image.
![trace bitmap](./media/trace_bitmap.jpg)
<img src="./media/trace_bitmap.jpg" height="400">
## Design tips
......@@ -36,16 +36,17 @@ Instructions for Brother SE1800. This is both a sewing and embroidery machine, s
3. Navigate to the file you want to embroider.
4. Make any edits to the size, orientation, or location of the pattern. The hoop size options are all shown in the upper left corner of the screen, The ones which are not grayed out are approved for that pattern, depending on its size and placement.
![pattern editing](./edit_pattern.jpg)
<img src="./media/edit_pattern.jpg" height="400">
5. once ready, click "end edit". It then let's you move the pattern while also positioning the stage (in case you need to do more precise alignment), when finished click "embroidery".
6. The next screen will open a list of all the thread changes that need to be made with a small drawing of what each layer
looks like and a time estimate.
![pattern plan](./pattern_plan.jpg)
<img src="./media/pattern_plan.jpg" height="400">
7. Thread the machine with desired color for the layer on the top of the list, lower the embroidery foot, and press the green arrow button to begin.
![embroidery machine](./machine.jpg)
<img src="./media/machine.jpg" height="400">
### Breaking Thread
......@@ -62,12 +63,12 @@ If the thread continues to snap, it could be a whole host of reasons. Check the
## Examples
Venus fly trap patch - [.svg](./examples/venus.svg) inkscape file, [.dst](./examples/venus.dst) embroidery file
![venus simulation](./media/
![venus simulation](./media/venus_simulation.mp4)
![venus patch](./media/venus_patch.jpg)
<img src="./media/venus_patch.jpg" height="400">
This diamond pattern shows how you can use the different fill angles to play with reflection / texture of a pattern to make different shapes while using the same color thread. To adjust the fill angle change the "angle of lines of stitches" in the param windows.
![diamond simulation](./media/diamond_sim.jpg)
<img src="./media/diamond_sim.jpg" height="400">
![diamond pattern](./media/diamond_pattern.jpg)
<img src="./media/diamond_pattern.jpg" height="400">
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