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/** \file
 *  This file contains special DoxyGen information for the generation of the main page and other special
 *  documentation pages. It is not a project source file.

 /** \page Page_ChangeLog Project Changelog
8 9 10 11
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLogXXXXXX Version XXXXXX
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Core:
12 13
  *   - Added support for the XMEGA A3BU Xplained board
  *   - Added support for the new B series XMEGA devices
  *   - Added support for version 2 of the Teensy boards (thanks to Christoph Redecker)
  *   - Added support for the USB2AX boards, hardware revision 1-3
  *   - Added new Android Accessory Host class driver
  *   - Added new USB_Host_GetDescriptor(), USB_Host_GetDeviceConfiguration() and USB_Host_GetInterfaceAltSetting() functions
18 19
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Added User Application APIs to the CDC and DFU class bootloaders
  *   - Added INVERTED_ISP_MISO compile time option to the AVRISP-MKII clone project (thanks to Chuck Rohs)
  *   - Added new Android Accessory Host demo (thanks to Opendous Inc.)
22 23 24
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - Core:
25 26
  *   - When automatic PLL management mode is enabled on the U4 series AVR8 chips, the PLL is now configured for 48MHz and not
  *     a divided 96MHz, to lower power consumption and to keep the system within the datasheet specs for 3.3V operation (thanks to Scott Vitale)
  *   - Added Class, ClassDevice, ClassHost and ClassCommon to the internal class driver source filenames to prevent ambiguities
28 29 30 31 32
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - None
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Core:
  *   - Fixed ring buffer size limited to 255 elements, instead of the intended 65535 elements.
  *   - Fixed CDC class drivers not saving and sending all 16-bits of the control line states (thanks to Matthew Swabey)
  *   - Fixed race conditions in the CDC, HID and Mass Storage class drivers when processing some control requests
  *   - Fixed misspelled HID_KEYBOARD_MODIFIER_* macros in the HID class driver (thanks to Laszlo Monda)
37 38
  *   - Fixed broken AVR32 endpoint/pipe communications when ORDERED_EP_CONFIG compile time option is not enabled (thanks to Matthias Jahr)
  *   - Fixed broken compilation for the AVR32 devices if the NO_SOF_EVENTS compile time option was not enabled (thanks to Matthias Jahr)
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Added reliability patches to the AVRISP-MKII Clone project's PDI/TPI protocols (thanks to Justin Mattair)
  *   - Fixed AVRISP-MKII Clone compile warning on AVR8 U4 targets even when NO_VTARGET_DETECT is enabled
  *   - Fixed AVRISP-MKII Clone failing to start application firmware once a TPI programming session is exited
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Dean Camera committed
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog111009 Version 111009
45 46
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Core:
47 48
  *   - Added USE_LUFA_CONFIG_HEADER compile time option to include a LUFAConfig.h header in the user director for LUFA configuration
  *     tokens as an alternative to tokens defined in the project makefile
  *   - Added new USB_Host_SetInterfaceAltSetting() convenience function for the selection of an interface's alternative setting
  *   - Added Audio class control request definitions
  *   - Added new CALLBACK_Audio_Device_GetSetEndpointProperty() callback to the Audio Device Class driver to allow for endpoint control manipulations
  *     such as data sample rates
  *   - Added support for the Audio class GET STATUS request in the Audio Device Class driver so that it is correctly ACKed when sent by the host
  *   - Added new EVENT_Audio_Device_StreamStartStop() event to the Audio Device Class driver to detect stream start/stop events
  *   - Added board driver support for the Busware TUL board
  *   - Added board hardware driver support for the EVK1100 board
  *   - Added board hardware driver support for the EVK1104 board
58 59 60
  *   - Added new Host mode Audio Class driver
  *   - Added new SPI_GetCurrentMode() function to the SPI peripheral driver
  *   - Added RingBuffer_GetFreeCount() function to the Ring Buffer driver
  *   - Added new HID_Host_SetIdlePeriod() function to the HID Host Class driver
  *   - Added new USB_Host_ConfigurationNumber global variable to indicate the selected configuration in an attached device
  *   - Added new USB_Host_GetDeviceStatus() function to the host standard request function set
  *   - Added AVR USB XMEGA architecture port (currently incomplete/experimental)
  *   - Added new STRINGIFY() and STRINGIFY_EXPANDED() convenience macros
  *   - Added new JTAG_DISABLE() macro for the AVR8 architecture
  *   - Added Device Qualifier standard descriptor structure definitions USB_StdDescriptor_DeviceQualifier_t and USB_Descriptor_DeviceQualifier_t
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Added RNDIS device mode to the Webserver project
  *   - Added new incomplete AndroidAccessoryHost Host LowLevel demo
  *   - Added new HIDReportViewer project
  *   - Added new MediaControl project
73 74
  *   - Added new AudioInputHost Host ClassDriver demo
  *   - Added new AudioOutputHost Host ClassDriver demo
75 76
  *   - Added new AudioInputHost Host LowLevel demo
  *   - Added new AudioOutputHost Host LowLevel demo
  *   - Added new "checksource" target to all library project makefiles
  *   - Added new VTARGET_USE_INTERNAL_REF configuration option to the AVRISP-MKII clone project (thanks to Volker Bosch)
79 80 81
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - Core:
82 83 84
  *   - Altered the definition of the USB_Audio_Descriptor_Format_t descriptor so that the user is now responsible for supplying
  *     the supported audio sampling rates, to allow for multiple audio interfaces with different numbers of supported rates and/or
  *     continuous sample rates
85 86
  *   - Pipe_BoundEndpointNumber() has been renamed to Pipe_GetBoundEndpointAddress(), and now returns the correct endpoint direction
  *     as part of the endpoint address
87 88 89
  *   - Renamed global state variables that are specific to a certain USB mode to clearly indicate which mode the variable relates to,
  *     by changing the USB_* prefix to USB_Device_* or USB_Host_*
  *   - Removed the HOST_STATE_WaitForDeviceRemoval and HOST_STATE_Suspended host state machine states, as these are no longer required
90 91
  *   - Altered the USB_Host_SetDeviceConfiguration() function to update the global Host state machine state and the new
  *     USB_Host_ConfigurationNumber global as required
  *   - Added endian correcting code to the library USB class drivers for multiple architecture support
  *   - Removed the ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR_DIR_* macros, replaced by ENDPOINT_DIR_* instead
  *   - Renamed the JTAG_DEBUG_ASSERT() macro to JTAG_ASSERT()
  *   - Added variable number of axis to HID_DESCRIPTOR_JOYSTICK() for multi-axis joysticks above just X and Y
96 97 98 99
  *   - Renamed USB_Host_ClearPipeStall() to USB_Host_ClearEndpointStall() as the function works on an endpoint address within the attached device,
  *     and not a Pipe within the host
  *   - The MS_Host_ResetMSInterface() now performs a full Mass Storage reset sequence to prevent data corruption in the event of a device
  *     lock up or timeout (thanks to David Lyons)
  *   - Added endian-correction to the CDC driver's Line Encoding control request handlers.
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Modified the Low Level and Class Driver AudioInput and AudioOutput demos to support multiple audio sample rates
103 104
  *   - Updated all host mode demos and projects to use the EVENT_USB_Host_DeviceEnumerationComplete() event callback for device configuration
  *     instead of manual host state machine manipulations in the main application task
  *   - Changed the reports in the GenericHID device demos to control the board LEDs, to reduce user confusion over the callback routines
  *   - Added reliability patches to the AVRISP-MKII Clone project's ISP and PDI/TPI protocols (thanks to Justin Mattair)
107 108 109
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Core:
110 111 112
  *   - Large number of documentation and code comment corrections (thanks to Andrey from
  *   - Fixed possibility of the AVR's SPI interface being pulled out of master mode if the /SS pin is a input and pulled low (thanks
  *     to Andrey from
113 114 115
  *   - Fixed compile error when FIXED_CONTROL_ENDPOINT_SIZE compile time option was disabled, and a USE_*_DESCRIPTORS compile time
  *     option was not enabled on the AVR8s
  *   - Fixed lack of C++ compatibility in some internal header files causing compile errors when using LUFA in C++ projects
  *   - Fixed error in the pipe unordered allocation algorithm for the AVR8 devices breaking compatibility with some devices
  *   - Fixed USB_USBTask not being called internally in stream transfers between packets when Partial Stream Transfers are used
118 119
  *   - Fixed swapped TWI_ADDRESS_READ and TWI_ADDRESS_WRITE values
  *   - Fixed TWI_ReadPacket() not releasing the TWI bus on read completion
120 121 122
  *   - Fixed optimization error in the HID Parser item value USB_SetHIDReportItemInfo() and USB_GetHIDReportItemInfo() routines if the report item was
  *     \c NULL (which should be allowable according to the API)
  *   - Fixed HID Parser CALLBACK_HIDParser_FilterHIDReportItem() callback function not being passed a cacheable report item pointer
123 124
  *   - Fixed HID Parser's largest report size bit count not including the size of the last parsed report item
  *   - Fixed HID host driver's largest HID report size count corrupt when the number of report bits exceeds 255
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Fixed incorrect signature in the CDC and DFU class bootloaders for the ATMEGA8U2
  *   - Fixed KeyboardHost and KeyboardHostWithParser demos displaying incorrect values when numerical keys were pressed
  *   - Fixed compile errors in the incomplete BluetoothHost demo application (thanks to Timo Lindfors)
  *   - Fixed incorrect Dataflash buffer use in the DataflashManager_WriteBlocks_RAM() function of several demos/projects (thanks to Jeremy Willden)
  *   - Fixed incorrect logging interval (always 500ms longer than requested) in the TempDataLogger project
  *   - Fixed incorrect buffer size check in the USBtoSerial project (thanks to Yuri A Nikiforov)
  *   - Fixed port state table corruption in the TCP layer of the RNDIS Ethernet device demos
133 134 135 136
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog110528 Version 110528
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Core:
137 138
  *   - Added new ORDERED_EP_CONFIG compile time option to restrict endpoint/pipe configuration to ascending order
  *     in exchange for a smaller compiled program binary size
139 140
  *   - Added a new general RingBuff.h miscellaneous ring buffer library driver header
  *   - Added new GCC_FORCE_POINTER_ACCESS() macro to correct GCC's mishandling of struct pointer accesses
  *   - Added new GCC_MEMORY_BARRIER() macro to prevent instruction reordering across boundaries
  *   - Added basic driver example use code to the library documentation
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Dean Camera committed
  *   - Added new Endpoint_Null_Stream() and Pipe_Null_Stream() functions
  *   - Added new ADC_GET_CHANNEL_MASK() convenience macro
  *   - Added new HID report item macros (with HID_RI_ prefix) to allow for easy creation and editing of HID report descriptors
  *     for easy automatic creation of basic USB HID device reports
  *   - Added new MAX() and MIN() convenience macros
  *   - Added new Serial_SendData() function to the Serial driver
  *   - Added board driver support for the Sparkfun ATMEGA8U2 breakout board
151 152
  *   - Added TWI baud rate prescaler and bit length parameters to the TWI_Init() function (thanks to Thomas Herlinghaus)
  *   - Internal restructuring for eventual multiple architecture ports
  *   - Added AVR32 UC3 architecture port (currently incomplete/experimental)
154 155
  *   - Added new architecture independent functions to enable, disable, save and restore the Global Interrupt Enable flags
  *   - Added new RNDIS Device Class Driver packet send and receive functions
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Added ability to write protect Mass Storage disk write operations from the host OS
  *   - Added new MIDIToneGenerator project
  *   - Added new KeyboardMouseMultiReport Device ClassDriver demo
  *   - Added new VirtualSerialMassStorage Device ClassDriver demo
161 162
  *   - Added HID class bootloader, compatible with a modified version of the command line Teensy loader from
  *   - Added LED flashing to the CDC and DFU class bootloaders to indicate when they are running
163 164 165
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - Core:
  *   - Unordered Endpoint/Pipe configuration is now allowed once again by default via the previous reconfig workaround
167 168
  *   - Refactored Host mode Class Driver *_Host_ConfigurePipes() routines to be more space efficient when compiled
  *   - Added new *_ENUMERROR_PipeConfigurationFailed error codes for the *_Host_ConfigurePipes() routines
169 170
  *   - The USARTStream global is now public and documented in the SerialStream module, allowing for the serial USART
  *     stream to be accessed via its handle rather than via the implicit stdout and stdin streams
  *   - The FAST_STREAM_TRANSFERS compile time option has been removed due to lack of use and low cost/benefit ratio
172 173 174 175
  *   - Altered all endpoint/pipe stream transfers so that the new BytesProcessed parameter now points to a location
  *     where the number of bytes in the transfer that have been completed can be stored (or NULL if entire transaction
  *     should be performed in one chunk)
  *   - The NO_STREAM_CALLBACKS compile time option has now been removed due to the new partial stream transfer feature
176 177
  *   - Changed over all project and demo HID report descriptors to use the new HID report item macros
  *   - Moved the HIDParser.c source file to the LUFA/Drivers/USB/Class/Common/ directory from the LUFA/Drivers/USB/Class/Host/
  *   - Added support to the HID parser for extended USAGE items that contain the usage page as well as the usage index
179 180 181 182 183
  *   - Removed the SerialStream driver, rolled functionality into the regular Serial peripheral driver via the new
  *     Serial_CreateStream() and Serial_CreateBlockingStream() functions
  *   - Renamed the low level Serial byte send/receive functions, to be consistent with the CDC class driver byte functions
  *   - Altered the behaviour of the serial byte reception function so that is is non-blocking, and now returns a negative
  *     value if no character is received (to remain consistent with the CDC class driver byte reception routines)
184 185
  *   - Renamed the PRNT_Host_SendString(), CDC_Host_SendString() and CDC_Device_SendString() functions to *_SendData(), and
  *     added new versions of the *_SendString() routines that expect a null terminated string instead
  *   - Renamed all driver termination *_ShutDown() functions to the more logical name *_Disable()
  *   - Reduced latency for executing the Start-Of-Frame events (if enabled in the user application)
  *   - Removed Pipe_ClearErrorFlags(), pipe error flags are now automatically cleared when Pipe_ClearError() is called
  *   - Endpoint_ResetFIFO() renamed to Endpoint_ResetEndpoint(), to be consistent with the Pipe_ResetPipe() function name
  *   - Implemented on-demand PLL clock generation for the U4, U6 and U7 series USB AVRs when automatic PLL mode is specified
  *   - F_CLOCK changed to F_USB to be more descriptive, and applicable on future architecture ports
192 193 194 195
  *   - Renamed all low level Endpoint_Read_*, Endpoint_Write_* and Endpoint_Discard_* functions to use the number of bits instead of
  *     a symbolic size (Byte, Word, DWord) so that the function names are applicable and correct across all architectures
  *   - Renamed all low level Pipe_Read_*, Pipe_Write_* and Pipe_Discard_* functions to use the number of bits instead of
  *     a symbolic size (Byte, Word, DWord) so that the function names are applicable and correct across all architectures
  *   - Separated out board drivers by architecture in the library internals for better organisation
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Changed the XPLAINBridge software UART to use the regular timer CTC mode instead of the alternative CTC mode
  *     via the Input Capture register, to reduce user confusion
200 201
  *   - Combined page and word ISP programming mode code in the AVRISP-MKII clone project to reduce compiled size and
  *     increase maintainability of the code
  *   - Changed over library projects to use the new general ring buffer library driver module
  *   - Added new high level TWI packet read/write commands, altered behaviour of the TWI_StartTransmission() function
  *   - Changed TempDataLogger project's DS1307 driver to simplify the function interface and prevent a possible race condition
205 206
  *   - Changed AVRISP-MKII project to use the Watchdog interrupt for command timeouts, to reduce CPU usage and free timer 0
  *     for other uses
  *   - Updated the software USART code in the XPLAIN Bridge application so that the incoming bits are sampled at their mid-point
  *     instead of starting point, to give maximum reliability (thanks to Anton Staaf)
209 210 211
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Core:
  *   - Fixed broken USBFOO board drivers due to missing BOARD_USBFOO define
  *   - Fixed HID host class driver incorrectly binding to HID devices that do not have an OUT endpoint
  *   - Fixed incorrect definition of the HID_KEYBOARD_SC_D constant in the HID class driver (thanks to Opendous Inc.)
  *   - Fixed incorrect definition of the HID_KEYBOARD_SC_RIGHT_ARROW constant in the HID class driver (thanks to Joby Taffey)
  *   - Fixed incorrect endpoint initialisation order in the several device demos (thanks to Rick Drolet)
  *   - Fixed inverted Minimus board LEDs
  *   - Fixed incorrect byte ordering in the Audio_Device_WriteSample24 function (thanks to WZab)
219 220
  *   - Fixed several functions in the Host mode Still Image Class driver returning an error code from the incorrect
  *     error code enum (thanks to Daniel Seibert)
  *   - Fixed ReportID not being removed from the feature/out report data array in the HID class driver when Report IDs are used
  *   - Fixed incorrect BUTTONS_BUTTON1 definition for the Minimus board
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Dean Camera committed
223 224 225
  *   - Fixed Still Image Host class driver exiting the descriptor search routine prematurely if the data pipes (but not event pipe)
  *     is found
  *   - Fixed missing call to Pipe_SetInfiniteINRequests() in the Pipe_ConfigurePipe() routine
  *   - Fixed Remote Wakeup broken on the AVRs due to the mechanism only operating when the SUSPI bit is set (thanks to Holger Steinhaus)
  *   - Fixed possible invalid program execution when in host mode if corrupt descriptor lengths are supplied by the attached device
228 229
  *  - Library Applications:
  *   - Fixed Benito project discarding incoming data from the USB virtual serial port when the USART is busy
  *   - Fixed broken DFU bootloader, added XPLAIN support for bootloader start when XCK jumpered to ground
  *   - Fixed broken HID_REQ_GetReport request handler in the Low Level GenericHID demo
232 233
  *   - Fixed possible lost data in the XPLAINBridge, USBtoSerial and Benito projects when the host exceeds the packet
  *     timeout period on received packets as set by USB_STREAM_TIMEOUT_MS (thanks to Justin Rajewski)
234 235
  *   - Fixed possible programming problem in the AVRISP-MKII clone project when programming specific patterns into a target
  *     memory space that is only byte (not page) addressable
  *   - Fixed errors in the incomplete Test and Measurement device demo preventing proper operation (thanks to Pavel Plotnikov)
237 238
  *   - Fixed programming errors in the AVRISP-MKII project when the programming packet is a round multiple of the endpoint bank
  *     size under avrdude (thanks to Steffan Woltjer)
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Dean Camera committed
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Dean Camera committed
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog101122 Version 101122
  *  <b>New:</b>
243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253
  *  - Core:
  *    - Added new SCSI_ASENSE_NOT_READY_TO_READY_CHANGE constant to the Mass Storage class driver, to indicate when a previously
  *      not ready removable medium has now become ready for the host's use (thanks to Martin Degelsegger)
  *    - Moved the Pipe and Endpoint stream related code to two new USB library core source files EndpointStream.c and PipeStream.c
  *    - Added new USB_Device_GetFrameNumber() and USB_Host_GetFrameNumber() functions to retrieve the current USB frame number
  *    - Added new USB_Host_EnableSOFEvents(), USB_Host_DisableSOFEvents() and EVENT_USB_Host_StartOfFrame() for the user application
  *      handling of USB Start of Frame events while in USB Host mode
  *    - Added new PRNT_Host_BytesReceived(), PRNT_Host_ReceiveByte(), PRNT_Host_SendByte() and PRNT_Host_Flush() functions to the
  *      Print Host Class driver
  *    - Added class specific descriptor alternative struct type defines with standard USB-IF element naming
  *    - Added new project makefile template to the library and moved board driver stub files into in a new "CodeTemplates" directory
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Adafruit U4 breakout board
255 256
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Arduino Uno development board
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Blackcat USB JTAG board (thanks to the PSGroove team)
257 258 259 260 261
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Busware BUI development board
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Busware CUL V3 868MHZ radio board (thanks to Dirk Tostmann)
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Kernel Concepts USBFOO development board
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Linnix UDIP development board
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Olimex AVR-USB-162 development board (thanks to Steve Fawcett)
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Maximus board (thanks to the PSGroove team)
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Microsin AVR-USB162 breakout board
264 265 266
  *    - Added board hardware driver support for the Minimus board (thanks to the PSGroove team)
  *    - Added new NO_CLASS_DRIVER_AUTOFLUSH compile time option to disable automatic flushing of interfaces when the USB management
  *      tasks for each driver is called
  *    - Added standard keyboard HID report scan-code defines (thanks to Laszlo Monda)
268 269 270 271 272 273
  *    - Added new Pipe_GetBusyBanks(), Endpoint_GetBusyBanks() and Endpoint_AbortPendingIN() functions
  *  - Library Applications:
  *    - Added default test tone generation mode to the Device mode AudioInput demos
  *      CDC class bootloader
  *    - Added new XCK_RESCUE_CLOCK_ENABLE compile time option to the AVRISP-MKII clone programmer project (thanks to Tom Light)
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288
  *  - Core:
  *    - Removed complicated logic for the Endpoint_ConfigureEndpoint() function to use inlined or function called versions
  *      depending of if the given bank size is a compile time constant, as the compiler does a better job of optimizing
  *      with basic code
  *    - Changed the signature of the CALLBACK_USB_GetDescriptor() callback function so that the descriptor pointer is const, to remove
  *      the need for extra casting inside the callback (thanks to Jonathan Kollasch)
  *    - Reduced HOST_DEVICE_SETTLE_DELAY_MS to 1000ms down from 1500ms to improve device compatibility while in USB Host mode
  *    - Removed the EVENT_USB_InitFailure() event, not specifying a USB mode correctly now defaults to UID selection mode
  *    - Renamed and moved class driver common constant definitions to make the naming scheme more uniform
  *    - Moved the USB mode specifier constants into a new enum, so that they are semantically related to one another
  *    - Renamed ENDPOINT_DOUBLEBANK_SUPPORTED() to ENDPOINT_BANKS_SUPPORTED() and changed it to return the maximum number of supported banks for
  *      the given endpoint
  *    - Better algorithm to extract and convert the internal device serial number into a string descriptor (if present)
  *    - All USB class drivers are now automatically included when LUFA/Drivers/USB.h is included, and no longer need to be separately included
290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299
  *    - The MIDI class drivers now automatically flushes the MIDI interface when the MIDI class driver's USBTask() function is called
  *    - Renamed the EVENT_USB_Device_UnhandledControlRequest() event to EVENT_USB_Device_ControlRequest() as it is now fired before the library
  *      request handlers, not afterwards
  *  - Library Applications:
  *    - Changed over all device demos to use a clearer algorithm for the configuring of the application's endpoints
  *    - Added missing DataflashManager_CheckDataflashOperation() function to the MassStorageKeyboard demo, removed redundant
  *      SCSI_Codes.h file as these values are part of the MassStorage Class Driver
  *    - Added compile time error to the AVRISP-MKII project when built for the U4 chips, as the default VTARGET detection ADC channel
  *      does not exist on these chips (thanks to Marco)
  *    - Changed all Device mode LowLevel demos and Device Class drivers so that the control request is acknowledged and any data
  *      transferred as quickly as possible without any processing in between sections, so that long callbacks or event handlers will
301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309
  *      not break communications with the host by exceeding the maximum control request stage timeout period
  *    - Changed over all demos, drivers and internal functions to use the current frame number over the Start of Frame flag where possible
  *      to free up the Start of Frame flag for interrupt use in the user application
  *    - All project makefiles now correctly clean intermediate build files from assembly and C++ sources (thanks to Daniel Czigany)
  *    - Changed default value for the reset polarity parameter in the AVRISP-MKII project so that it defaults to active low drive
  *    - Changed configuration descriptor parser for all host mode projects and class drivers to ensure better compatibility with devices
  *    - All LowLevel demos changed to use the constants and types defined in the USB class drivers
  *    - Changed AudioInput and AudioOutput demos to reload the next sample via an interrupt rather than polling the sample timer
  *    - Rescue clock of the AVRISP-MKII moved to the AVR's OCR1A pin, so that the clock can be generated at all times
310 311
  *    - Changed ClassDriver MIDI demos to process all incoming events in a loop until the bank becomes empty rather than one at a time
  *    - Changed LowLevel MIDI demos to only clear the incoming event bank once it has become empty to support packed event packets
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344
  *  - Core:
  *    - Fixed USB_GetHIDReportItemInfo() function modifying the given report item's data when the report item does not exist
  *      within the supplied report of a multiple report HID device
  *    - Fixed critical pipe/endpoint memory allocation issue where the bank memory address space could be silently overlapped
  *      in the USB controller if the endpoints or pipes were allocated in anything other than ascending order (thanks to Martin Degelsegger)
  *    - Added LEDs_ToggleLEDs() function to several board LED drivers which were missing it (thanks to Andrei Krainev)
  *    - Fixed SET FEATURE and CLEAR FEATURE control requests directed at an unconfigured endpoint causing request timeouts
  *    - Fixed USB_Host_ClearPipeStall() incorrectly determining the endpoint direction from the currently selected pipe
  *    - Fixed JTAG_DEBUG_POINT() and JTAG_DEBUG_BREAK() macros not compiling under pure C99 standards mode
  *    - Fixed endpoint selection within the CALLBACK_HID_Device_CreateHIDReport() callback function causing broken GET REPORT requests
  *    - Fixed incorrect command name for EEPROM memory programming in the makefile dfu-ee target
  *    - Fixed incorrect LEDs_ChangeLEDs() function in the Benito board LED driver
  *    - Fixed incorrect USB_DeviceState value when unconfiguring the device without an address set
  *    - Fixed SPI driver not explicitly setting /SS and MISO pins as inputs when SPI_Init() is called
  *    - Fixed random enumeration failure while in device mode due to interrupts causing the Set Address request to exceed maximum timings
  *    - Fixed MIDI_Host_Flush() not aborting early when the specified MIDI host interface was not configured
  *    - Fixed MIDI class driver send routines silently discarding packets if the endpoint or pipe is busy (thanks to Robin Green)
  *  - Library Applications:
  *    - Fixed MassStorage based demos and projects resetting the SCSI sense values before the command is executed, leading to
  *      missed SCSI sense values when the host retrieves the sense key (thanks to Martin Degelsegger)
  *    - Fixed USBtoSerial and Benito project SetLineEncoding calls failing if the USART is busy, due to the RX ISR delaying the control
  *      request handler
  *    - Fixed LowLevel PrinterHost demo not sending control requests to the attached printer with the correct printer interface wIndex value
  *    - Fixed incorrect signature reported in the CDC class bootloader for the ATMEGA32U2
  *    - Fixed BootloaderCDC project failing on some operating systems due to removed Line Encoding options (thanks to Alexey Belyaev)
  *    - Fixed broken FLASH/EEPROM programming in the AVRISP-MKII clone project when writing in non-paged mode and the polling byte cannot be used
  *    - Fixed ISR definition conflict in the XPLAIN bridge between the software UART and the AVRISP-MKII ISP modules
  *    - Fixed USBtoSerial and XPLAINBridge demos discarding data from the PC if the send buffer becomes full
  *    - Fixed broken input in the MagStripe reader project due to an incorrect HID report descriptor
  *    - Fixed incorrect PollingIntervalMS values in the demo/project/bootloader endpoint descriptors (thanks to MCS Electronics)
  *    - Fixed AVRISP-MKII clone project not starting the target's program automatically after exiting TPI programming mode
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Dean Camera committed
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog100807 Version 100807
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Added new ADC_DisableChannel() function (thanks to Mich Davis)
350 351
  *  - Added new VTARGET_REF_VOLTS and VTARGET_SCALE_FACTOR compile time defines to the AVRISP-MKII programmer project to set
  *    the VTARGET reference voltage and scale factor
352 353
  *  - Added new pgm_read_ptr() macro to Common.h for reading of pointers out of flash memory space
  *  - Added new SWAPENDIAN_16() and SWAPENDIAN_32() macros to Common.h for statically initialized variables at compile time
  *  - Added new Drivers/USB/LowLevel/Device.c file to house Device mode specific functions that are more complicated than simple macros
  *  - Added new AVRStudio 4 project files for all library demos, projects and bootloaders
  *  - Added ability to set the serial baud rate via the user's terminal in the XPLAINBridge project
  *  - Added new LUFA module variables for the different source modules in the core library makefile to simplify project makefiles
  *  - Added start of a new Test and Measurement class demo (thanks to Peter Lawrence)
359 360
  *  - Added new SPI_ORDER_* data order masks to the SPI peripheral driver
  *  - Added support to the AVRISP-MKII project for ISP speeds slower than 125KHz via a new software SPI driver
  *  - Added support for the new button/LED on the latest model USBTINY-MKII
362 363
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
364 365
  *  - The RingBuff library code has been replaced in the XPLAINBridge, Benito and USBtoSerial projects with an ultra lightweight
  *    ring buffer to help improve the reliability of the projects
366 367 368 369
  *  - The EEPROM stream read/write functions now use eeprom_update_byte() instead of eeprom_write_byte(), so that only
  *    changed bytes are written to EEPROM to preserve its lifespan
  *  - Changed over the AVRISP-MKII and TemperatureDataLogger projects to use eeprom_update_byte() when writing non-volatile
  *    parameters to EEPROM to preserve its lifespan
  *  - Removed unused line encoding data and control requests from the CDC Bootloader code, to save space
  *  - Renamed SERIAL_STREAM_ASSERT() macro to STDOUT_ASSERT()
  *  - The USB_Device_IsRemoteWakeupSent() and USB_Device_IsUSBSuspended() macros have been deleted, as they are now obsolete
373 374
  *  - Rewrote the implementation of the SwapEndian_16() and SwapEndian_32() functions so that they compile down in most instances to
  *    minimal loads and stores rather than complicated shifts
  *  - The software UART in the XPLAINBridge has been largely altered to try to improve upon its performance and reliability
  *  - The USBtoSerial and Benito projects now flushes received data via a flush timer, so that several bytes can be transmitted at once
  *  - Removed the automated checking of event names in the demo, project and bootloader makefiles due to inconsistencies between the
  *    behaviour of the command line tools used to perform the check on each platform
  *  - Internal USB driver source files renamed and moved to ease future possible architecture ports
  *  - All internal pseudo-function macros have been converted to true inline functions for type-safety and readability
  *  - Changed LED indicator masks for the AVRISP-MKII project, so that there are defined roles for each LED
  *  - Altered the CDC Device and Host Class drivers' receive byte routines, so that no data is indicated by the function returning a
  *    negative value (thanks to Andreas Paulin)
  *  - Added auto flushing of OUT data to the CDC Host Class driver's USBTask function to automatically flush the send pipe buffer
385 386
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Fixed AVRISP project sending a LOAD EXTENDED ADDRESS command to 128KB AVRs after programming or reading from
388 389 390
  *    the last page of FLASH (thanks to Gerard Sexton)
  *  - Fixed AVRISP project not sending a full erase-and-write EEPROM command to XMEGA targets when writing to the EEPROM
  *    instead of the split write-only command (thanks to Tim Margush)
391 392
  *  - Fixed RNDISEthernet demos crashing when calculating checksums for Ethernet/TCP packets of more than ~500 bytes due to
  *    an overflow in the checksum calculation loop (thanks to Kevin Malec)
  *  - Fixed XPLAINBridge project not correctly reading the XMEGA's supply voltage when reporting back to the host
  *  - Fixed incorrect signature for the ATMEGA32U2 in the DFU bootloader (thanks to Axel Rohde)
  *  - Fixed internal device serial not being accessible on the ATMEGAXXU2 AVRs (thanks to Axel Rohde)
  *  - Fixed void pointer arithmetic in ConfigDescriptor.h breaking C++ compatibility (thanks to Michael Hennebry)
  *  - Fixed broken PDI EEPROM Section Erase functionality in the AVRISP-MKII project
  *  - Fixed USB_Device_SendRemoteWakeup() not working when the USB clock was frozen during USB bus suspend (thanks to Brian Dickman)
399 400
  *  - Fixed occasional lockup of the AVRISP project due to the timeout extension code incorrectly extending the timeout in
  *    PDI and TPI programming modes infinitely
401 402
  *  - Fixed HID device class driver still using PrevReportINBuffer for GetReport control requests even when it has been
  *    set to NULL by the user application (thanks to Axel Rohde)
  *  - Fixed MIDI_Device_SendEventPacket() not correctly waiting for the endpoint to become ready (thanks to Robin Green)
404 405
  *  - Fixed Benito and USBtoSerial projects not turning off the USART before reconfiguring it, which could cause incorrect
  *    operation to occur (thanks to Bob Paddock)
406 407
  *  - Fixed Serial peripheral driver not turning off the USART before reconfiguring it, which would cause incorrect operation
  *    to occur (thanks to Bob Paddock)
408 409
  *  - Fixed software application start command broken in the DFU class bootloader when dfu-programmer is used due to application
  *    start address corruption
Dean Camera's avatar
Dean Camera committed
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog100513 Version 100513
413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Added incomplete MIDIToneGenerator project
  *  - Added new Relay Controller Board project (thanks to OBinou)
  *  - Added board hardware driver support for the Teensy, USBTINY MKII, Benito and JM-DB-U2 lines of third party USB AVR boards
  *  - Added new ATTR_NO_INIT variable attribute for global variables that should not be automatically cleared on startup
  *  - Added new ENDPOINT_*_BusSuspended error code to the Endpoint function, so that the stream functions early-abort if the bus
  *    is suspended before or during a transfer
  *  - Added new EVENT_CDC_Device_BreakSent() event and CDC_Host_SendBreak() function to the Device and Host CDC Class drivers
421 422 423 424
  *  - Added ReportType parameter to the HID device class driver CALLBACK_HID_Device_ProcessHIDReport() function so that FEATURE
  *    reports from the host to the device can be correctly processed
  *  - Added ReportType parameter to the HID host class driver HID_Host_SendReportByID() function so that FEATURE reports can be
  *    issued to the attached device
425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - AVRISP programmer project now has a more robust timeout system
  *  - Added a timeout value to the TWI_StartTransmission() function, within which the addressed device must respond
  *  - Webserver project now uses the board LEDs to indicate the current IP configuration state
  *  - Added ENABLE_TELNET_SERVER compile time option to the Webserver project to disable the TELNET server if desired
  *  - Increased throughput of the USBtoSerial demo on systems that send multiple bytes per packet (thanks to Opendous Inc.)
  *  - Double bank CDC endpoints in the XPLAIN Bridge project, re-enable JTAG once the mode selection pin has been sampled.
  *  - Standardized the naming scheme given to configuration descriptor sub-elements in the Device mode demos, bootloaders
  *    and projects
  *  - All Class Driver Host mode demos now correctly set the board LEDs to READY once the enumeration process has completed
  *  - Added LIBUSB_FILTERDRV_COMPAT compile time option to the AVRISP programmer project to make the code compatible with Windows
  *    builds of avrdude at the expense of AVRStudio compatibility
  *  - Removed two-step endpoint/pipe bank clear and switch sequence for smaller, faster endpoint/pipe code
  *  - The USB_Init() function no longer calls sei() - the user is now responsible for enabling interrupts when they are ready
  *    for them to be enabled (thanks to Andrei Krainev)
  *  - The Audio_Device_IsSampleReceived() and Audio_Device_IsReadyForNextSample() functions are now inline, to reduce overhead
  *  - Removed the cast to uint16_t on the set baud rate in the USBtoSerial project, so that the higher >1M baud rates can be
  *    selected (thanks to Steffan Woltjer)
  *  - Removed software PDI and TPI emulation from the AVRISP-MKII clone project as it was very buggy and slow - PDI and TPI must
  *    now be implemented via separate programming headers
446 447 448 449
  *  - The CDC class bootloader now uses a watchdog reset rather than a soft-reset when exited to ensure that all hardware is
  *    properly reset to their defaults
  *  - Device mode class driver callbacks are now fired before the control request status stage is sent to prevent the host from
  *    timing out if another request is immediately fired and the device has a lengthy callback routine
450 451 452
  *  - The TeensyHID bootloader has been removed, per request from Paul at PJRC
  *  - The LIBUSB_FILTERDRV_COMPAT compile time option in the XPLAINBridge and AVRISP-MKII projects has been renamed
  *    LIBUSB_DRIVER_COMPAT, as it applies to all software on all platforms using the libUSB driver
453 454
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
455 456 457
  *  - Fixed possible device lockup when INTERRUPT_CONTROL_ENDPOINT is enabled and the control endpoint is not properly
  *    selected when the ISR completes
  *  - Fixed AVRISP-MKII clone project not correctly issuing LOAD EXTENDED ADDRESS commands when the extended address
  *    boundary is crossed during programming or read back (thanks to Gerard Sexton)
  *  - Fixed warnings when building the AVRISP-MKII clone project with the ENABLE_XPROG_PROTOCOL compile time option disabled
460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480
  *  - Fixed software PDI/TPI programming mode in the AVRISP project not correctly toggling just the clock pin
  *  - Fixed TWI_StartTransmission() corrupting the contents of the GPIOR0 register
  *  - Fixed TWI driver not aborting when faced with no response after attempting to address a device on the bus
  *  - Fixed ADC routines not correctly returning the last result when multiple channels were read
  *  - Fixed ADC routines failing to read the extended channels (Channels 8 to 13, Internal Temperature Sensor) on the
  *    U4 series USB AVR parts
  *  - Fixed LowLevel MassStorage demo broken on the U2 series USB AVRs due to unsupported double-banked endpoint modes used
  *  - Fixed compilation error in the AudioInput demos when MICROPHONE_BIASED_TO_HALF_RAIL is defined (thanks to C. Scott Ananian)
  *  - Fixed incorrect definition of HID_ALIGN_DATA() causing incorrect HID report item data alignment
  *  - Fixed Still Image Host class driver not resetting the transaction ID when a new session is opened, fixed driver not sending
  *    a valid session ID to the device
  *  - Removed invalid dfu and flip related targets from the bootloaders - bootloaders can only be replaced with an external programmer
  *  - Fixed Set/Clear Feature requests directed to a non-configured endpoint not returning a stall to the host
  *  - Fixed HID Device Class Driver not allocating a temporary buffer when the host requests a report via the control endpoint and the
  *    user has set the PrevReportINBuffer driver configuration element to NULL (thanks to Lars Noschinski)
  *  - Fixed device state not being reset to DEVICE_STATE_Default if the host sets a 0x00 device address
  *  - Fixed device not stalling configuration requests before the device's address has been set
  *  - Fixed possibility of internal signature retrieval being corrupted if an interrupt occurs during a signature byte
  *    read (thanks to Andrei Krainev)
  *  - Fixed device state not being reset back to the default state if the host sets the address to 0
  *  - Fixed Set Configuration requests not being stalled until the host has set the device's address
  *  - Fixed Host mode HID class driver not sending the correct report type when HID_Host_SendReportByID() was called and the
  *    HID_HOST_BOOT_PROTOCOL_ONLY compile time option is set
  *  - Fixed INTERRUPT_CONTROL_ENDPOINT compile time option preventing other interrupts from occurring while the control endpoint
484 485 486
  *    request is being processed, causing possible lockups if a USB interrupt occurs during a transfer
  *  - Remove incorrect Abstract Call Management class specific descriptor from the CDC demos, bootloaders and projects
488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog100219 Version 100219
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Added TPI programming support for 6-pin ATTINY devices to the AVRISP programmer project (thanks to Tom Light)
  *  - Added command timeout counter to the AVRISP project so that the device no longer freezes when incorrectly connected
  *    to a target
  *  - Added new TemperatureDataLogger application, a USB data logger which writes to the device's dataflash and appears to
  *    the host as a standard Mass Storage device when inserted
  *  - Added MIDI event packing support to the MIDI Device and Host mode Class drivers, allowing for multiple MIDI events to
  *    sent or received in packed form in a single USB packet
  *  - Added new MIDI send buffer flush routines to the MIDI Device and Host mode Class drivers, to flush packed events
  *  - Added master mode hardware TWI driver for easy TWI peripheral control
  *  - Added ADC MUX masks for the standard ADC input channels on all AVR models with an ADC, altered demos to use these masks
  *    as on some models, the channel number is not identical to its single-ended ADC MUX mask
  *  - New Webserver project, a RNDIS host USB webserver using the open source uIP TCP/IP network stack and FatFS library
  *  - New BOARD value option BOARD_NONE (equivalent to not specifying BOARD) which will remove all board hardware drivers which
504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533
  *    do not adversely affect the code operation (currently only the LEDs driver)
  *  - Added keyboard modifier masks (HID_KEYBOARD_MODIFER_*) and LED report masks (KEYBOARD_LED_*) to the HID class driver and
  *    Keyboard demos
  *  - Added .5MHz recovery clock to the AVRISP programmer project when in ISP programming mode to correct mis-set fuses
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - Slowed down software USART carried PDI programming in the AVRISP project to prevent transmission errors
  *  - Renamed the AVRISP project folder to AVRISP-MKII to reduce confusion
  *  - Renamed the RESET_LINE_* makefile tokens in the AVRISP MKII Project to AUX_LINE_*, as they are not always used for target
  *    reset
  *  - Changed over the MassStorageKeyboard Class driver device demo to use Start of Frame events rather than a timer to keep track
  *    of elapsed milliseconds
  *  - Inlined currently unused (but standardized) maintenance functions in the Device and Host Class drivers to save space
  *  - The XPLAINBridge project now selects between a USB to Serial bridge and a PDI programmer on startup, reading the JTAG port's
  *    TDI pin to determine which mode to use
  *  - Removed the stream example code from the Low Level VirtualSerial demos, as they were buggy and only served to add clutter
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Fixed AVRISP project not able to enter programming mode when ISP protocol is used
  *  - Fixed AVRISP PDI race condition where the guard time between direction changes could be interpreted as a start bit
  *  - Fixed ADC_IsReadingComplete() returning an inverted result
  *  - Fixed blocking CDC streams not aborting when the host is disconnected
  *  - Fixed XPLAIN board Dataflash driver broken due to incorrect preprocessor commands
  *  - Fixed inverted XPLAIN LED driver output (LED turned on when it was supposed to be turned off, and vice-versa)
  *  - Fixed Class Driver struct interface numbers in the KeyboardMouse and VirtualSerialMouse demos (thanks to Renaud Cerrato)
  *  - Fixed invalid USB controller PLL prescaler values for the ATMEGAxxU2 controllers
  *  - Fixed lack of support for the ATMEGA32U2 in the DFU and CDC class bootloaders
  *  - Fixed Benito project not resetting the target AVR automatically when programming has completed
  *  - Fixed DFU bootloader programming not discarding the correct number of filler bytes from the host when non-aligned programming
  *    ranges are specified (thanks to Thomas Bleeker)
  *  - Fixed CDC and RNDIS host demos and class drivers - bidirectional endpoints should use two separate pipes, not one half-duplex pipe
535 536 537 538 539 540 541
  *  - Fixed Pipe_IsEndpointBound() not taking the endpoint's direction into account
  *  - Fixed EEPROM and FLASH ISP programming in the AVRISP project
  *  - Fixed incorrect values of USB_CONFIG_ATTR_SELFPOWERED and USB_CONFIG_ATTR_REMOTEWAKEUP tokens (thanks to Claus Christensen)
  *  - Fixed SerialStream driver blocking while waiting for characters to be received instead of returning EOF
  *  - Fixed SerialStream driver not setting stdin to the created serial stream (thanks to Mike Alexander)
  *  - Fixed USB_GetHIDReportSize() returning the number of bits in the specified report instead of bytes
  *  - Fixed AVRISP project not extending the command delay after each successful page/word/byte program
  *  - Fixed accuracy of the SERIAL_UBBRVAL() and SERIAL_2X_UBBRVAL() macros for higher baud rates (thanks to Renaud Cerrato)
545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560 561 562 563 564 565 566
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog091223 Version 091223
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Added activity LED indicators to the AVRISP project to indicate when the device is busy processing a command
  *  - The USB target family and allowable USB mode tokens are now public and documented (USB_CAN_BE_*, USB_SERIES_*_AVR)
  *  - Added new XPLAIN USB to Serial Bridge project (thanks to John Steggall for initial proof-of-concept, David Prentice
  *    and Peter Danneger for revised software USART code)
  *  - Added new RNDIS Ethernet Host LowLevel demo
  *  - Added new RNDIS Ethernet Host Class Driver
  *  - Added new RNDIS Ethernet Host ClassDriver demo
  *  - Added CDC_Host_Flush() function to the CDC Host Class driver to flush sent data to the attached device
  *  - Added PDI programming support for XMEGA devices to the AVRISP programmer project (thanks to Justin Mattair)
  *  - Added support for the XPLAIN board Dataflash, with new XPLAIN_REV1 board target for the different dataflash used
  *    on the first revision boards compared to the one mounted on later revisions
  *  - Added new HID_ALIGN_DATA() macro to return the pre-retrieved value of a HID report item, left-aligned to a given datatype
  *  - Added new PreviousValue to the HID Report Parser report item structure, for easy monitoring of previous report item values
  *  - Added new EVK527 board target
  *  - Added new USB_Host_GetDeviceStringDescriptor() convenience function
  *  - Added new LEDNotification project to the library, to give a visual LED notification on new events from the host
  *  - Added new NO_DEVICE_REMOTE_WAKEUP and NO_DEVICE_SELF_POWER compile time options
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - Removed code in the Keyboard demos to send zeroed reports between two reports with differing numbers of key codes
  *    as this relied on non-standard OS driver behaviour to repeat key groups
569 570 571 572 573 574 575 576
  *  - The SCSI_Request_Sense_Response_t and SCSI_Inquiry_Response_t type defines are now part of the Mass Storage Class
  *    driver common defines, rather than being defined in the Host mode Class driver section only
  *  - The USB_MODE_HOST token is now defined even when host mode is not available
  *  - The CALLBACK_HID_Device_CreateHIDReport() HID Device Class driver callback now has a new ReportType parameter to
  *    indicate the report type to generate
  *  - All Class Drivers now return false or the "DeviceDisconnected" error code of their respective error enums when a function
  *    is called when no host/device is connected where possible
  *  - The HOST_SENDCONTROL_DeviceDisconnect enum value has been renamed to HOST_SENDCONTROL_DeviceDisconnected to be in line
  *    with the rest of the library error codes
578 579 580 581 582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 597
  *  - Make MIDI device demos also turn off the on board LEDs if MIDI Note On messages are sent with a velocity of zero,
  *    which some devices use instead of Note Off messages (thanks to Robin Green)
  *  - The CDC demos are now named "VirtualSerial" instead to indicate the demos' function rather than its implemented USB class,
  *    to reduce confusion and to be in line with the rest of the LUFA demos
  *  - The SImage_Host_SendBlockHeader() and SImage_Host_ReceiveBlockHeader() Still Image Host Class driver functions are now public
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Added missing CDC_Host_CreateBlockingStream() function code to the CDC Host Class driver
  *  - Fixed incorrect values for REPORT_ITEM_TYPE_* enum values causing corrupt data in the HID Host Parser
  *  - Fixed misnamed SI_Host_USBTask() and SI_Host_ConfigurePipes() functions
  *  - Fixed broken USB_GetNextDescriptor() function causing the descriptor to jump ahead double the expected amount
  *  - Fixed Pipe_IsEndpointBound() not masking the given Endpoint Address against PIPE_EPNUM_MASK
  *  - Fixed host state machine not enabling Auto VBUS mode when HOST_DEVICE_SETTLE_DELAY_MS is set to zero
  *  - Fixed misnamed Pipe_SetPipeToken() macro for setting a pipe's direction
  *  - Fixed CDCHost failing on devices with bidirectional endpoints
  *  - Fixed USB driver failing to define the PLL prescaler mask for the ATMEGA8U2 and ATMEGA16U2
  *  - Fixed HID Parser not distributing the Usage Min and Usage Max values across an array of report items
  *  - Fixed Mass Storage Host Class driver and Low Level demo not clearing the error condition if an attached device returns a
  *    STALL to a GET MAX LUN request (thanks to Martin Luxen)
  *  - Fixed TeensyHID bootloader not properly shutting down the USB interface to trigger a disconnection on the host before resetting
  *  - Fixed MassStorageHost Class driver demo not having USB_STREAM_TIMEOUT_MS compile time option set properly to prevent slow
599 600 601
  *    devices from timing out the data pipes
  *  - Fixed the definition of the Endpoint_BytesInEndpoint() macro for the U4 series AVR parts
  *  - Fixed MIDI host Class driver MIDI_Host_SendEventPacket() routine not properly checking for Pipe ready before writing
  *  - Fixed use of deprecated struct initializers, removed library unused parameter warnings when compiled with -Wextra enabled
603 604 605 606 607 608 609
  *  - Fixed Still Image Host Class driver truncating the PIMA response code (thanks to Daniel Seibert)
  *  - Fixed USB_CurrentMode not being reset to USB_MODE_NONE when the USB interface is shut down and both Host and Device modes can be
  *    used (thanks to Daniel Levy)
  *  - Fixed TeensyHID bootloader not enumerating to the host correctly (thanks to Clint Fisher)
  *  - Fixed AVRISP project timeouts not checking for the correct timeout period (thanks to Carl Ott)
  *  - Fixed STK525 Dataflash driver using incorrect bit-shifting for Dataflash addresses (thanks to Tim Mitchell)
611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618 619 620 621 622 623 624 625
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog091122 Version 091122
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Added new Dual Role Keyboard/Mouse demo
  *  - Added new HID_HOST_BOOT_PROTOCOL_ONLY compile time token to reduce the size of the HID Host Class driver when
  *    Report protocol is not needed
  *  - Added new MIDI LowLevel and ClassDriver Host demo, add new MIDI Host Class driver
  *  - Added new CDC/Mouse ClassDriver device demo
  *  - Added new Joystick Host ClassDriver and LowLevel demos
  *  - Added new Printer Host mode Class driver
  *  - Added new Printer Host mode ClassDriver demo
  *  - Added optional support for double banked endpoints and pipes in the Device and Host mode Class drivers
  *  - Added new stream creation function to the CDC Class drivers, to easily make standard I/O streams from CDC Class driver instances
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - Removed mostly useless "TestApp" demo, as it was mainly useful only for checking for syntax errors in the library
627 628 629 630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637 638
  *  - MIDI device demos now receive MIDI events from the host and display note ON messages via the board LEDs
  *  - Cleanups to the Device mode Mass Storage demo application SCSI routines
  *  - Changed Audio Class driver sample read/write functions to be inline, to reduce the number of cycles needed to transfer
  *    samples to and from the device (allowing more time for sample processing and output)
  *  - Audio class Device mode demos now work at both 16MHz and 8MHz, rather than just at 8MHz
  *  - The previous USBtoSerial demo has been moved into the projects directory, as it was just a modified CDC demo
  *  - The Endpoint/Pipe functions now use the const qualifier on the input buffer
  *  - Changed the CALLBACK_HIDParser_FilterHIDReportItem() callback to pass a HID_ReportItem_t rather than just the current
  *    item's attributes, to expose more information on the item (including it's type, collection path, etc.)
  *  - Changed MouseHostWithParser demos to check that the report items have a Mouse usage collection as a parent at some point,
  *    to prevent Joysticks from enumerating with the demo
  *  - Corrected the name of the misnamed USB_GetDeviceConfigDescriptor() function to USB_Host_GetDeviceConfigDescriptor().
  *  - Keyboard LowLevel/ClassDriver demos now support multiple simultaneous key presses (up to 6) per report
640 641 642 643
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Fixed PrinterHost demo returning invalid Device ID data when the attached device does not have a
  *    device ID (thanks to Andrei Krainev)
  *  - Changed LUFA_VERSION_INTEGER define to use BCD values, to make comparisons easier
645 646 647 648 649 650 651 652 653 654 655 656 657
  *  - Fixed issue in the HID Host class driver's HID_Host_SendReportByID() routine using the incorrect mode (control/pipe)
  *    to send report to the attached device
  *  - Fixed ClassDriver AudioOutput device demo not selecting an audio output mode
  *  - Fixed incorrect SampleFrequencyType value in the AudioInput and AudioOutput ClassDriver demos' descriptors
  *  - Fixed incorrect event name rule in demo/project/bootloader makefiles
  *  - Fixed HID device class driver not reselecting the correct endpoint once the user callback routines have been called
  *  - Corrected HID descriptor in the Joystick Device demos - buttons should be placed outside the pointer collection
  *  - Fixed HID report parser collection paths invalid due to misplaced semicolon in the free path item search loop
  *  - Fixed HID host Class driver report send/receive report broken when issued through the control pipe
  *  - Fixed HOST_STATE_AS_GPIOR compile time option being ignored when in host mode (thanks to David Lyons)
  *  - Fixed LowLevel Keyboard demo not saving the issues report only after it has been sent to the host
  *  - Fixed Endpoint_Write_Control_Stream_* functions not sending a terminating IN when given data Length is zero
659 660 661 662 663 664
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog090924 Version 090924
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Added new host mode class drivers and matching demos to the library for rapid application development
  *  - Added flag to the HID report parser to indicate if a device has multiple reports
  *  - Added new EVENT_USB_Device_StartOfFrame() event, controlled by the new USB_Device_EnableSOFEvents() and
  *    USB_Device_DisableSOFEvents() macros to give bus-synchronized millisecond interrupts when in USB device mode
666 667 668 669 670 671 672 673 674 675 676
  *  - Added new Endpoint_SetEndpointDirection() macro for bidirectional endpoints
  *  - Added new AVRISP project, a LUFA powered clone of the Atmel AVRISP-MKII programmer
  *  - Added ShutDown() functions for all hardware peripheral drivers, so that peripherals can be turned off after use
  *  - Added new CDC_Device_Flush() command to the device mode CDC Class driver to flush Device->Host data
  *  - Added extra masks to the SPI driver, changed SPI_Init() so that the clock polarity and sample modes can be set
  *  - Added new callback to the HID report parser, so that the user application can filter only the items it is interested
  *    in to be stored into the HIDReportInfo structure to save RAM
  *  - Added support for the officially recommended external peripheral layout for the BUMBLEB board (thanks to Dave Fletcher)
  *  - Added new Pipe_IsFrozen() macro to determine if the currently selected pipe is frozen
  *  - Added new USB_GetHIDReportSize() function to the HID report parser to retrieve the size of a given report by its ID
  *  - Added new combined Mass Storage and Keyboard demo (thanks to Matthias Hullin)
678 679 680 681 682 683 684
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - SetIdle requests to the HID device driver with a 0 idle period (send changes only) now only affect the requested
  *    HID interface within the device, not all HID interfaces
  *  - Added explicit attribute masks to the device mode demos' descriptors
  *  - Added return values to the CDC and MIDI class driver transmit functions
  *  - Optimized Endpoint_Read_Word_* and Pipe_Read_Word_* macros to reduce compiled size
  *  - Added non-null function parameter pointer restrictions to USB Class drivers to improve user code reliability
  *  - Added new "Common" section to the class drivers, to hold all mode-independent definitions for clarity
686 687
  *  - Moved SCSI command/sense constants into the Mass Storage Class driver, instead of the user-code
  *  - Altered the SCSI commands in the LowLevel Mass Storage Host to save on FLASH space by reducing function calls
  *  - Changed the parameters and behaviour of the USB_GetDeviceConfigDescriptor() function so that it now performs size checks
689 690 691 692 693 694 695 696
  *    and data validations internally, to simplify user code
  *  - Changed HIDParser to only zero out important values in the Parsed HID Report Item Information structure to save cycles
  *  - The HID report parser now always processed FEATURE items - HID_ENABLE_FEATURE_PROCESSING token now has no effect
  *  - The HID report parser now always ignores constant-data items, HID_INCLUDE_CONSTANT_DATA_ITEMS token now has no effect
  *  - The Benito Programmer project now has its own unique VID/PID pair allocated from the Atmel donated LUFA VID/PID pool
  *  - Add in new invalid event hook check targets to project makefiles to produce compilation errors when invalid event names
  *    are used in a project
  *  - The HID Report Parser now gives information on the total length of each report within a HID interface
  *  - The USE_NONSTANDARD_DESCRIPTOR_NAMES compile time token has been removed - there are now separate USB_Descriptor_* and
698 699 700 701 702 703 704 705 706 707
  *    USB_StdDescriptor_* structures for both the LUFA and standardized element naming conventions so both may be used
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Fixed possible lockup in the CDC device class driver, when the host sends data that is a multiple of the
  *    endpoint's bank
  *  - Fixed swapped parameters in the HID state memory copy call while processing a HID PUSH item in the HID report parser
  *  - Fixed memory corruption HID report parser when too many COLLECTION or PUSH items were processed
  *  - Fixed HID report parser not resetting the FEATURE item count when a REPORT ID item is encountered
  *  - Fixed USBtoSerial demos not reading in UDR1 when the USART receives data but the USB interface is not enumerated,
  *    causing continuous USART receive interrupts
  *  - Fixed misspelled event name in the Class driver USBtoSerial demo, preventing correct operation
709 710 711 712 713 714 715 716 717 718 719 720 721 722 723 724 725 726 727 728 729 730
  *  - Fixed invalid data being returned when a GetStatus request is issued in Device mode with an unhandled data recipient
  *  - Added hardware USART receive interrupt and software buffering to the Benito project to ensure received data is not
  *    missed or corrupted
  *  - Fixed Device mode HID Class driver always sending IN packets, even when nothing to report
  *  - Fixed Device mode HID Class driver not explicitly initializing the ReportSize parameter to zero before calling callback
  *    routine, so that ignored callbacks don't cause incorrect data to be sent
  *  - Fixed StillImageHost not correctly freezing and unfreezing data pipes while waiting for a response block header
  *  - Fixed error in the PrinterHost demo preventing the full page data from being sent to the attached device (thanks to John Andrews)
  *  - Fixed CDC based demos and projects' INF driver files under 64 bit versions of Windows (thanks to Ronny Hanson, Thomas Bleeker)
  *  - Re-add in missing flip, flip-ee, dfu and dfu-ee targets to project makefiles (thanks to Opendous Inc.)
  *  - Fix allowable F_CPU values comment in project makefiles to more accurately reflect the allowable values on the USB AVRs
  *  - Fixed DFU and CDC class bootloaders on the series 2 USB AVRs, corrected invalid signatures, added support for the new
  *    ATMEGAxx2 series 2 variant AVRs to the DFU bootloader
  *  - Fixed Low Level USBtoSerial demo not storing received characters (thanks to Michael Cooper)
  *  - Fixed MIDI Device Class driver not sending/receiving MIDI packets of the correct size (thanks to Thomas Bleeker)
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog090810 Version 090810
  *  <b>New:</b>
  *  - Added new device class drivers and matching demos to the library for rapid application development
  *  - Added new PrinterHost demo (thanks to John Andrews)
  *  - Added USB Missile Launcher project, submitted by Dave Fletcher
732 733 734 735 736 737 738 739 740 741 742 743 744 745 746 747 748 749 750 751 752 753 754 755
  *  - Added new Benito Arduino Programmer project
  *  - Added incomplete device and host mode demos for later enhancement
  *  - Updated MassStorage device block write routines to use ping-pong Dataflash buffering to increase throughput by around 30%
  *  - Error status LEDs shown when device endpoint configuration fails to complete in all demos and projects
  *  - Added new USB_Host_SetDeviceConfiguration() convenience function for easy configuration selection of devices while in USB
  *    host mode
  *  - Added new USB_Host_ClearPipeStall() convenience function to clear a stall condition on an attached device's endpoint
  *  - Added new USB_Host_GetDeviceDescriptor() convenience function to retrieve the attached device's Device descriptor
  *  - Added new Endpoint_ClearStatusStage() convenience function to assist with the status stages of control transfers
  *  - Added new USE_INTERNAL_SERIAL define for using the unique serial numbers in some AVR models as the USB device's serial number,
  *    added NO_INTERNAL_SERIAL compile time option to turn off new serial number reading code
  *  - Added new DATAFLASH_CHIP_MASK() macro to the Dataflash driver, which returns the Dataflash select mask for the given chip index
  *  - Added new HOST_STATE_WaitForDeviceRemoval host state machine state for non-blocking disabling of device communications until the
  *    device has been removed (for use when an error occurs or communications with the device have completed)
  *  - Added new FAST_STREAM_TRANSFERS compile time option for faster stream transfers via multiple bytes copied per stream loop
  *  - Added stdio stream demo code to the CDC device demos, to show how to create standard streams out of the virtual serial ports
  *  - Added new EEPROM and FLASH buffer versions of the Endpoint and Pipe stream functions
  *  - Added new USE_FLASH_DESCRIPTORS and FIXED_NUM_CONFIGURATIONS compile time options
  *  - Added support for the new ATMEGA32U2, ATMEGA16U2 and ATMEGA8U2 AVR models
  *  - Added new USB_DeviceState variable to keep track of the current Device mode USB state
  *  - Added new LEDs_ToggleLEDs() function to the LEDs driver
  *  - Added new Pipe_BoundEndpointNumber() and Pipe_IsEndpointBound() functions
  *  - Added new DEVICE_STATE_AS_GPIOR and HOST_STATE_AS_GPIOR compile time options
  *  - Added 404 Not Found errors to the webserver in the RNDIS demos to indicate invalid URLs
  *  <b>Changed:</b>
  *  - Deprecated pseudo-scheduler and removed dynamic memory allocator from the library (first no longer needed and second unused)
759 760 761 762 763 764 765 766 767 768 769 770
  *  - The device-mode CALLBACK_USB_GetDescriptor() function now has an extra parameter so that the memory space in which the requested
  *    descriptor is located can be specified. This means that descriptors can now be located in multiple memory spaces within a device.
  *  - Removed vague USB_IsConnected global - test USB_DeviceState or USB_HostState explicitly to gain previous functionality
  *  - Removed USB_IsSuspended global - test USB_DeviceState against DEVICE_STATE_Suspended instead
  *  - Extended USB_GetDeviceConfigDescriptor() routine to require the configuration number within the device to fetch
  *  - Dataflash_WaitWhileBusy() now always ensures that the dataflash is ready for the next command immediately after returning,
  *    no need to call Dataflash_ToggleSelectedChipCS() afterwards
  *  - Low level API MIDI device demo no longer blocks if a note change event is sent while the endpoint is not ready
  *  - Pipe_GetErrorFlags() now returns additional error flags for overflow and underflow errors
  *  - Pipe stream functions now automatically set the correct pipe token, so that bidirectional pipes can be used
  *  - Pipe_ConfigurePipe() now automatically defaults IN pipes to accepting infinite IN requests, this can still be changed by calling
  *    the existing Pipe_SetFiniteINRequests() function
  *  - Changed F_USB entries in project makefiles to alias to F_CPU by default, as this is the most common case
  *  - Host mode demos now use sane terminal escape codes, so that text is always readable and events/program output is visually distinguished
  *    from one another using foreground colours
774 775 776 777
  *  - Internal per-device preprocessing conditions changed to per-device series rather than per-controller group for finer-grain
  *    internal control
  *  - Interrupts are no longer disabled during the processing of Control Requests on the default endpoint while in device mode
  *  - AudioOutput demos now always output to board LEDs, regardless of output mode (removed AUDIO_OUT_LEDS project option)
  *  - Removed SINGLE_DEVICE_CONFIGURATION compile time option in favor of the new FIXED_NUM_CONFIGURATIONS option so that the exact number
779 780
  *    of device configurations can be defined statically
  *  - Removed VBUS events, as they are already exposed to the user application via the regular device connection and disconnection events
  *  - Renamed and altered existing events to properly separate out Host and Device mode events
  *  - All demos switched over from GNU99 standards mode to C99 standards mode, to reduce the dependencies on GCC-only language extensions
783 784 785
  *  <b>Fixed:</b>
  *  - Changed bootloaders to use FLASHEND rather than the existence of RAMPZ to determine if far FLASH pointers are needed to fix
  *    bootloaders on some of the USB AVR devices where avr-libc erroneously defines RAMPZ
  *  - Fixes to MassStorageHost for better device compatibility (increase command timeout, change MassStore_WaitForDataReceived()
  *    to only unfreeze and check one data pipe at a time) to prevent incorrect device enumerations and freezes while transferring data
789 790 791 792 793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800
  *  - Make Pipe_ConfigurePipe() mask the given endpoint number against PIPE_EPNUM_MASK to ensure the endpoint IN direction bit is
  *    cleared to prevent endpoint type corruption
  *  - Fixed issue opening CDC-ACM ports on hosts when the CDC device tries to send data before the host has set the line encoding
  *  - Fixed USB_OPT_MANUAL_PLL option being ignored during device disconnects on some models (thanks to Brian Dickman)
  *  - Fixed documentation mentioning Pipe_GetCurrentToken() function when correct function name is Pipe_GetPipeToken()
  *  - Fixed ADC driver for the ATMEGA32U4 and ATMEGA16U4 (thanks to Opendous Inc.)
  *  - Fixed CDCHost demo unfreezing the pipes at the point of configuration, rather than use
  *  - Fixed MassStorage demo not clearing the reset flag when a Mass Storage Reset is issued while not processing a command
  *  - Fixed USB_Host_SendControlRequest() not re-suspending the USB bus when initial device ready-wait fails
  *  - Fixed USB Pad regulator not being disabled on some AVR models when the USB_OPT_REG_DISABLED option is used
  *  - Fixed Host mode to Device mode UID change not causing a USB Disconnect event when a device was connected
  *  - Fixed Mouse/Keyboard demos not performing the correct arithmetic on the Idle period at the right times (thanks to Brian Dickman)
  *  - Fixed GenericHID failing HID class tests due to incorrect Logical Minimum and Logical Maximum values (thanks to Soren Greiner)
802 803 804 805 806
  *  - Fixed incorrect PIPE_EPNUM_MASK mask causing pipe failures on devices with endpoint addresses of 8 and above (thanks to John Andrews)
  *  - Fixed report data alignment issues in the MouseHostWithParser demo when X and Y movement data size is not a multiple of 8 bits
  *  - Fixed HID Report Descriptor Parser not correctly resetting internal states when a REPORT ID element is encountered
  *  - Fixed incorrect BUTTONS_BUTTON1 for the STK526 target
  *  - Fixed RNDIS demos freezing when more than one connection was attempted simultaneously, causing memory corruption
  *  - Fixed USBtoSerial demo receiving noise from the USART due to pull-up not being enabled
808 809 810 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog090605 Version 090605
  *  - Fixed bug in RNDISEthernet and DualCDC demos not using the correct USB_ControlRequest structure for control request data
  *  - Fixed documentation showing incorrect USB mode support on the supported AVRs list
  *  - Fixed RNDISEthernet not working under Linux due to Linux requiring an "optional" RNDIS request which was unhandled
  *  - Fixed Mouse and Keyboard device demos not acting in accordance with the HID specification for idle periods (thanks to Brian Dickman)
  *  - Removed support for endpoint/pipe non-control interrupts; these did not act in the way users expected, and had many subtle issues
  *  - Fixed Device Mode not handling Set Feature and Clear Feature Chapter 9 requests that are addressed to the device (thanks to Brian Dickman)
  *  - Moved control endpoint interrupt handling into the library itself, enable via the new INTERRUPT_CONTROL_ENDPOINT token
  *  - Fixed CDCHost not clearing configured pipes and resetting configured pipes mask when a partially enumerated invalid CDC
  *    interface is skipped
  *  - Clarified the size of library tokens which accept integer values in the Compile Time Tokens page, values now use the smallest datatype
  *    inside the library that is able to hold their defined value to save space
  *  - Removed DESCRIPTOR_ADDRESS() macro as it was largely superfluous and only served to obfuscate code
824 825 826 827 828 829 830
  *  - Rewritten event system to remove all macros, to make user code clearer
  *  - Fixed incorrect ENDPOINT_EPNUM_MASK mask preventing endpoints above EP3 from being selected (thanks to Jonathan Oakley)
  *  - Removed STREAM_CALLBACK() macro - callbacks now use regular function definitions to clarify user code
  *  - Removed DESCRIPTOR_COMPARATOR() macro - comparators should now use regular function definitions to clarify user code
  *  - USB_IsConnected is now cleared before the USB_Disconnect() event is fired in response to VBUS being removed
  *  - Fixed incorrect PID value being used in the USBtoSerial project (thanks to Phill)
  *  - Deleted StdDescriptors.c, renamed USB_GetDescriptor() to CALLBACK_USB_GetDescriptor, moved ConfigDescriptor.c/.h from the
  *    LUFA/Drivers/USB/Class/ directory to LUFA/Drivers/USB/HighLevel/ in preparation for the new USB class APIs
832 833
  *  - Moved out each demos' functionality library files (e.g. Ring Buffer library) to /Lib directories for a better directory structure
  *  - Removed Tx interrupt from the USBtoSerial demo; now sends characters via polling to ensure more time for the Rx interrupt
  *  - Fixed possible enumeration errors from spin-loops which may fail to exit if the USB connection is severed before the exit condition
835 836 837 838 839 840 841 842 843 844 845 846 847 848 849 850 851 852 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866
  *    becomes true
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog090510 Version 090510
  *  - Added new GenericHIDHost demo
  *  - Corrections to the KeyboardHost and MouseHost demos' pipe handling to freeze and unfreeze the data pipes at the point of use
  *  - KeyboardHost, MouseHost and GenericHIDHost demos now save and restore the currently selected pipe inside the pipe ISR
  *  - Changed GenericHID device demo to use the LUFA scheduler, added INTERRUPT_DATA_ENDPOINT and INTERRUPT_CONTROL_ENDPOINT compile
  *    time options
  *  - All comments in the library, bootloaders, demos and projects have now been spell-checked and spelling mistakes/typos corrected
  *  - Added new PIMA_DATA_SIZE() define to the Still Image Host demo
  *  - Add call to MassStore_WaitForDataReceived() in MassStore_GetReturnedStatus() to ensure that the CSW has been received in the
  *    extended MSC timeout period before continuing, to prevent long processing delays from causing the MassStore_GetReturnedStatus()
  *    to early-abort (thanks to Dmitry Maksimov)
  *  - Move StdRequestType.h, StreamCallbacks.h, USBMode.h from the LowLevel USB driver directory to the HighLevel USB driver directory,
  *    where they are more suited
  *  - Removed all binary constants and replaced with decimal or hexadecimal constants so that unpatched GCC compilers can still build the
  *    code without having to be itself patched and recompiled first
  *  - Added preprocessor checks and documentation to the bootloaders giving information about missing SIGNATURE_x defines due to
  *    outdated avr-libc versions.
  *  - Added support to the CDCHost demo for devices with multiple CDC interfaces which are not the correct ACM type preceding the desired
  *    ACM CDC interface
  *  - Fixed GenericHID demo not starting USB and HID management tasks when not using interrupt driven modes (thanks to Carl Kjeldsen)
  *  - Fixed RNDISEthenet demo checking the incorrect message field for packet size constraints (thanks to Jonathan Oakley)
  *  - Fixed WriteNextReport code in the GenericHIDHost demo using incorrect parameter types and not selecting the correct endpoint
  *  - Adjusted sample CTC timer calculations in the AudioOutput and AudioInput demos to match the CTC calculations in the AVR datasheet,
  *    and to fix instances where rounding caused the endpoint to underflow (thanks to Robin Theunis)
  *  - The USB_Host_SendControlRequest() function no longer automatically selects the Control pipe (pipe 0), so that other control type
  *    pipes can be used with the function
  *  - The USB Host management task now saves and restores the currently selected pipe before and after the task completes
  *  - Fixed GenericHIDHost demo report write routine incorrect for control type requests (thanks to Andrei Krainev)
  *  - Removed Endpoint_ClearCurrentBank() and Pipe_ClearCurrentBank() in favor of new Endpoint_ClearIN(), Endpoint_ClearOUT(),
868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 882 883
  *    Pipe_ClearIN() and Pipe_ClearOUT() macros (done to allow for the detection of packets of zero length)
  *  - Renamed *_ReadWriteAllowed() macros to *_IsReadWriteAllowed() to remain consistent with the rest of the LUFA API
  *  - Endpoint_IsSetupReceived() macro has been renamed to Endpoint_IsSETUPReceived(), Endpoint_ClearSetupReceived() macro has been
  *    renamed to Endpoint_ClearSETUP(), the Pipe_IsSetupSent() macro has been renamed to Pipe_IsSETUPSent() and the
  *    Pipe_ClearSetupSent() macro is no longer applicable and should be removed - changes made to compliment the new endpoint and pipe
  *    bank management API
  *  - Updated all demos, bootloaders and projects to use the new endpoint and pipe management APIs (thanks to Roman Thiel from Curetis AG)
  *  - Updated library doxygen documentation, added groups, changed documentation macro functions to real functions for clarity
  *  - Removed old endpoint and pipe aliased read/write/discard routines which did not have an explicit endian specifier for clarity
  *  - Removed the ButtLoadTag.h header file, as no one used for its intended purpose anyway
  *  - Renamed the main Drivers/AT90USBXXX directory to Drivers/Peripheral, renamed the Serial_Stream driver to SerialStream
  *  - Fixed CDC and USBtoSerial demos freezing where buffers were full while still transmitting or receiving (thanks to Peter Hand)
  *  - Removed "Host_" section of the function names in ConfigDescriptor.h, as most of the routines can now be used in device mode on the
  *    device descriptor
  *  - Renamed functions in the HID parser to have a "USB_" prefix and the acronym "HID" in the name
  *  - Fixed incorrect HID interface class and subclass values in the Mouse and KeyboardMouse demos (thanks to Brian Dickman)
  *  - Capitalized the "Descriptor_Search" and "Descriptor_Search_Comp" prefixes of the values in the DSearch_Return_ErrorCodes_t and
885 886 887 888 889 890
  *    DSearch_Comp_Return_ErrorCodes_t enums
  *  - Removed "ERROR" from the enum names in the endpoint and pipe stream error code enums
  *  - Renamed the USB_PowerOnErrorCodes_t enum to USB_InitErrorCodes_t, renamed the POWERON_ERROR_NoUSBModeSpecified enum value to
  *    USB_INITERROR_NoUSBModeSpecified
  *  - Renamed USB_PowerOnFail event to USB_InitFailure
  *  - Renamed OTG.h header functions to be more consistent with the rest of the library API
  *  - Changed over all deprecated GCC structure tag initializers to the standardized C99 format (thanks to Mike Alexander)
892 893
  *  - USB_HostRequest renamed to USB_ControlRequest, entire control request header is now read into USB_ControlRequest in Device mode
  *    rather than having the library pass only partially read header data to the application
  *  - The USB_UnhandledControlPacket event has had its parameters removed, in favor of accessing the new USB_ControlRequest structure
895 896 897 898 899 900 901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 911
  *  - The Endpoint control stream functions now correctly send a ZLP to the host when less data than requested is sent
  *  - Fixed USB_RemoteWakeupEnabled flag never being set (the REMOTE WAKEUP Set Feature request was not being handled)
  *  - Renamed the FEATURELESS_CONTROL_ONLY_DEVICE compile-time token to CONTROL_ONLY_DEVICE
  *  - Endpoint configuration is now refined to give better output when all configurations have static inputs - removed the now useless
  *    STATIC_ENDPOINT_CONFIGURATION compile time token
  *  - Fixed SPI driver init function not clearing SPI2X bit when not needed
  *  - Fixed PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL command issuing in the MassStorageHost demo using incorrect parameters (thanks to Mike Alex)
  *  - Fixed MassStorageHost demo broken due to an incorrect if statement test in MassStore_GetReturnedStatus()
  *  - Fixed reversed signature byte ordering in the CDC bootloader (thanks to Johannes Raschke)
  *  - Changed PIPE_CONTROLPIPE_DEFAULT_SIZE from 8 to 64 to try to prevent problems with faulty devices which do not respect the given
  *    wLength value when reading in the device descriptor
  *  - Fixed missing semicolon in the ATAVRUSBRF01 LED board driver code (thanks to Morten Lund)
  *  - Changed LED board driver code to define dummy LED masks for the first four board LEDs, so that user code can be compiled for boards
  *    with less than four LEDs without code modifications (thanks to Morten Lund)
  *  - Changed HWB board driver to Buttons driver, to allow for the support of future boards with more than one mounted GPIO button
  *  - Serial driver now correctly calculates the baud register value when in double speed mode
  *  - Init function of the Serial driver is now static inline to product smaller code for the common-case of static init values
913 914 915 916 917 918 919 920 921 922 923 924 925 926
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog090401 Version 090401
  *  - Fixed MagStripe project configuration descriptor containing an unused (blank) endpoint descriptor
  *  - Incorporated makefile changes by Denver Gingerich to retain compatibility with stock (non-WinAVR) AVR-GCC installations
  *  - Fixed makefile EEPROM programming targets programming FLASH data in addition to EEPROM data
  *  - LUFA devices now enumerate correctly with LUFA hosts
  *  - Fixed Configuration Descriptor search routine freezing when a comparator returned a failure
  *  - Removed HID report item serial dump in the MouseHostWithParser and KeyboardHostWithParser - useful only for debugging, and
  *    slowed down the enumeration of HID devices too much
  *  - Increased the number of bits per track which can be read in the MagStripe project to 8192 when compiled for the AT90USBXXX6/7
  *  - Fixed KeyboardMouse demo discarding the wIndex value in the REQ_GetReport request
  *  - USBtoSerial demo now discards all Rx data when not connected to a USB host, rather than buffering characters for transmission
  *    next time the device is attached to a host.
  *  - Added new F_USB compile time constant to the library and makefiles, to give the raw input clock (used to feed the PLL before any
928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 939 940 941 942 943 944 945 946 947 948 949 950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 970 971 972 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990
  *    clock prescaling is performed) frequency, so that the PLL prescale mask can be determined
  *  - Changed stream wait timeout counter to be 16-bit, so that very long timeout periods can be set for correct communications with
  *    badly designed hosts or devices which greatly exceed the USB specification limits
  *  - Mass Storage Host demo now uses a USB_STREAM_TIMEOUT_MS of two seconds to maintain compatibility with poorly designed devices
  *  - Function attribute ATTR_ALWAYSINLINE renamed to ATTR_ALWAYS_INLINE to match other function attribute macro naming conventions
  *  - Added ATTR_ALWAYS_INLINE attribute to several key inlined library components, to ensure they are inlined in all circumstances
  *  - Removed SetSystemClockPrescaler() macro, the clock_prescale_set() avr-libc macro has been corrected in recent avr-libc versions
  *  - Fixed incorrect/missing control status stage transfers on demos, bootloaders and applications (thanks to Nate Lawson)
  *  - The NO_CLEARSET_FEATURE_REQUEST compile time token has been renamed to FEATURELESS_CONTROL_ONLY_DEVICE, and its function expanded
  *    to also remove parts of the Get Status chapter 9 request to further reduce code usage
  *  - Makefile updated to include output giving the currently selected BOARD parameter value
  *  - Board Dataflash driver now allows for dataflash ICs which use different shifts for setting the current page/byte address (thanks
  *    to Kenneth Clubb)
  *  - Added DataflashManager_WriteBlocks_RAM() and DataflashManager_ReadBlocks_RAM() functions to the MassStorage demo, to allow for easy
  *    interfacing with a FAT library for dataflash file level access
  *  - Corrected CDC class bootloader to fix a few bugs, changed address counter to store x2 addresses for convenience
  *  - Fixed typos in the SPI driver SPI_SPEED_FCPU_DIV_64 and SPI_SPEED_FCPU_DIV_128 masks (thanks to Markus Zocholl)
  *  - Keyboard and Mouse device demos (normal, data interrupt and fully interrupt driven) combined into unified keyboard and mouse demos
  *  - Keyboard and Mouse host demos (normal and data interrupt driven) combined into unified keyboard and mouse demos
  *  - Removed AVRISP_Programmer project due to code quality concerns
  *  - Fixed CDC demo not sending an empty packet after each transfer to prevent the host from buffering incoming data
  *  - Fixed documentation typos and preprocessor checks relating to misspellings of the USE_RAM_DESCRIPTORS token (thanks to Ian Gregg)
  *  - Fixed USBTask.h not conditionally including HostChapter9.h only when USB_CAN_BE_HOST is defined (thanks to Ian Gregg)
  *  - Fixed incorrect ADC driver init register manipulation (thanks to Tobias)
  *  - Added new GenericHID device demo application
  *  - Fixed Still Image Host SImage_SendData() function not clearing the pipe bank after sending data
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog090209 Version 090209
  *  - PWM timer mode in AudioOut demo changed to Fast PWM for speed
  *  - Updated Magstripe project to work with the latest hardware revision
  *  - Fixed library not responding to the BCERRI flag correctly in host mode, leading to device lockups
  *  - Fixed library handling Get Descriptor requests when not addressed as standard requests to the device or interface (thanks to
  *    Nate Lawson)
  *  - Fixed serious data corruption issue in MassStorage demo dataflash write routine
  *  - Added new NO_CLEARSET_FEATURE_REQUEST compile time token
  *  - USB task now restores previous global interrupt state after execution, rather than forcing global interrupts to be enabled
  *  - Fixed USB_DeviceEnumerationComplete event firing after each configuration change, rather than once after the initial configuration
  *  - Added ENDPOINT_DOUBLEBANK_SUPPORTED() macros to Endpoint.h, altered ENDPOINT_MAX_SIZE() to allow user to specify endpoint
  *  - Endpoint and Pipe non-control stream functions now ensure endpoint or pipe is ready before reading or writing
  *  - Changed Teensy bootloader to use a watchdog reset when exiting rather than a software jump
  *  - Fixed integer promotion error in MassStorage and MassStorageHost demos, corrupting read/write transfers
  *  - SPI_SendByte is now SPI_TransferByte, added new SPI_SendByte and SPI_ReceiveByte functions for fast one-way transfer
  *  - MassStorage demo changed to use new fast one-way SPI transfers to increase throughput
  *  - MassStorage handling of Mass Storage Reset class request improved
  *  - Altered MassStorage demo dataflash block read code for speed
  *  - Added USB_IsSuspended global flag
  *  - Simplified internal Dual Mode (OTG) USB library code to reduce code size
  *  - Extended stream timeout period to 100ms from 50ms
  *  - Mass Storage Host demo commands now all return an error code from the Pipe_Stream_RW_ErrorCodes_t enum
  *  - Added SubErrorCode parameter to the USB_DeviceEnumerationFailed event
  *  - VBUS drop interrupt now disabled during the manual-to-auto VBUS delivery handoff
  *  - Simplified low level backend so that device/host mode initialization uses the same code paths
  *  - Added workaround for faulty Mass Storage devices which do not implement the required GET_MAX_LUN request
  *  - Removed buggy Telnet application from the RNDIS demo
  *  - Moved Mass Storage class requests in the Mass Storage Host demo to wrapper functions in MassStoreCommands.c
  *  - Fixed incorrect SCSI command size value in the Request Sense command in MassStoreCommands.c
  *  - Added SetProtocol request to HID class non-parser Mouse and Keyboard demos to force devices to use the correct Boot Protocol
  *  - Added new "dfu" and "flip" programming targets to project makefiles
  *  - HID_PARSE_Sucessful enum member typo corrected to HID_PARSE_Successful
  *  - Changed COLLECTION item structures in the HID descriptor parser to include the collection's Usage Page value
  *  - Serial driver now sets Tx line as output, enables pull-up on Rx line
992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999 1000 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030 1031 1032 1033
  *  - Fixed smaller USB AVRs raising multiple connection and disconnection events when NO_LIMITED_CONTROLLER_CONNECT is disabled
  *  - Added HOST_DEVICE_SETTLE_DELAY_MS to give the host delay after a device is connected before it is enumerated
  *  - Fixed KeyboardHostWithParser demo linking against the wrong global variables
  *  - Completed doxygen documentation of remaining library bootloaders, demos and projects
  *  - Fixed incorrect bootloader start address in the TeensyHID bootloader
  *  - Added HWB button whole-disk ASCII dump functionality to MassStoreHost demo
  *  - Replaced printf_P(PSTR("%c"), {Variable}) calls with putchar(<Variable>) for speed and size savings
  *  - Serial driver now accepts baud rates over 16-bits in size, added double speed flag option
  *  - Fixed incorrect callback abort return value in Pipe.c
  *  - Added new flip-ee and dfu-ee makefile targets (courtesy of Opendous Inc.)
  *  - Removed reboot-on-disconnect code from the TeensyHID bootloader, caused problems on some systems
  *  - Fixed AudioOutput and AudioInput demos looping on the endpoint data, rather than processing a sample at a time and returning
  *    each time the task runs to allow for other tasks to execute
  *  - Added support for the Atmel ATAVRUSBRF01 board
  *  - Added AVRISP Programmer Project, courtesy of Opendous Inc.
  *  - Fixed CDC Host demo not searching through both CDC interfaces for endpoints
  *  - Fixed incorrect Product String descriptor length in the DFU class bootloader
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog081224 Version 081224
  *  - MyUSB name changed to LUFA, the Lightweight USB Framework for AVRs
  *  - Fixed Mass Storage Host demo's MassStore_SendCommand() delay in the incorrect place
  *  - Fixed USBtoSerial demo not calling ReconfigureUSART() after a change in the line encoding
  *  - Fixed infinite loop in host mode Host-to-Device control transfers with data stages
  *  - HID report parser now supports devices with multiple reports in one interface via Report IDs
  *  - Fixed RZUSBSTICK board LED driver header incorrect macro definition order causing compile errors
  *  - Calling USB_Init() when the USB interface is already configured now forces a complete interface reset
  *    and re-enumeration - fixes MyUSB DFU bootloader not switching to app code correctly when soft reset used
  *  - Fixed "No newline at end of file" warning when stream callbacks are enabled
  *  - DFU bootloader now uses fixed signature bytes per device, rather than reading them out dynamically for size
  *  - Added new FIXED_CONTROL_ENDPOINT_SIZE and USE_SINGLE_DEVICE_CONFIGURATION switches to statically define certain values to
  *    reduce compiled binary size
  *  - Added new NO_LIMITED_CONTROLLER_CONNECT switch to prevent the library from trying to determine bus connection
  *    state from the suspension and wake up events on the smaller USB AVRs
  *  - Added summary of all library compile time tokens to the documentation
  *  - Added overview of the LUFA scheduler to the documentation
  *  - Removed MANUAL_PLL_CONTROL compile time token, replaced with a mask for the USB_Init() Options parameter
  *  - CDC bootloader now uses the correct non-far or far versions of the pgm_* functions depending on if RAMPZ is defined
  *  - Doxygen documentation now contains documentation on all the projects, bootloaders and most demos included with the library
  *  - CDC bootloader now runs user application when USB disconnected rather than waiting for a hard reset
  *  - MouseHostWithParser and KeyboardHostWithParser now support multiple-report devices
  *  - RNDIS demo can now close connections correctly using the new TCP_APP_CLOSECONNECTION() macro - used in Webserver
  *  - Fixed the DFU bootloader, no longer freezes up when certain files are programmed into an AVR, made reading/writing faster
  *  - Fixed mouse/joystick up/down movements reversed - HID mouse X/Y coordinates use a left-handed coordinate system, not a normal
1037 1038 1039 1040 1041 1042 1043 1044 1045 1046 1047 1048 1049 1050 1051 1052 1053 1054 1055 1056 1057 1058 1059 1060 1061 1062 1063 1064 1065 1066 1067 1068 1069 1070 1071 1072 1073 1074 1075 1076 1077 1078 1079 1080 1081 1082 1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088 1089 1090
  *    right-handed system
  *  - Added stub code to the CDC and USBtoSerial demos showing how to read and set the RS-232 handshake lines - not currently used in
  *    the demos, but the example code and supporting defines are now in place
  *  - Interrupts are now disabled when processing a control request in device mode, to avoid exceeding the strict control request
  *    timing requirements.
  *  - All demos now use a central StatusUpdate() function rather than direct calls to the board LED functions, so that the demos can
  *    easily be altered to show different LED combinations (or do something else entirely) as the demo's status changes
  *  - Removed LED commands from the CDC bootloader, unused by most AVR910 programming software
  *  - Fixed RNDIS demo ICMP ping requests echoing back incorrect data
  *  - Added DHCP server code to RNDIS demo, allowing for hands-free auto configuration on any PC
  *  - Fixed DFU bootloader PID value for the ATMEGA16U4 AVR
  *  - Endpoint and Pipe configuration functions now return an error code indicating success or failure
  *  - USB Reset in device mode now resets and disables all device endpoints
  *  - Added intermediate states to the host mode state machine, reducing the USB task blocking time to no more than 1ms explicitly per
  *    invocation when in host mode
  *  - Added support for the ATMEGA32U6 microcontroller
  *  - Added STATIC_ENDPOINT_CONFIGURATION compile time option, enabled in the bootloaders to minimize space usage
  *  - Removed redundant code from the USB device GetStatus() chapter 9 processing routine
  *  - Added new TeensyHID bootloader, compatible with the Teensy HID protocol (
  *  - Versions are now numbered by release dates, rather than arbitrary major/minor revision numbers
  *  - USB_RemoteWakeupEnabled is now correctly set and cleared by SetFeature and ClearFeature requests from the host
  *  - Changed prototype of GetDescriptor, so that it now returns the descriptor size (or zero if the descriptor doesn't exist)
  *    rather than passing the size back to the caller through a parameter and returning a boolean
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog153 Version 1.5.3 - Released 2nd October, 2008
  *  - Fixed CDC bootloader using pgmspace macros for some descriptors inappropriately
  *  - Updated all Mouse and Keyboard device demos to include boot protocol support (now works in BIOS)
  *  - Renamed bootloader directories to remove spaces, which were causing build problems on several OSes
  *  - Removed serial number strings from all but the MassStore demo where it is required - users were not
  *    modifying the code to either omit the descriptor or use a unique serial per device causing problems
  *    when multiple units of the same device were plugged in at the same time
  *  - AudioOutput and AudioInput demos now correctly silence endpoints when not enabled by the host
  *  - Added KeyboardMouse demo (Keyboard and Mouse functionality combined into a single demo)
  *  - Added DriverStubs directory to house board level driver templates, to make MyUSB compatible custom board
  *    driver creation easier
  *  - Extended MassStorage demo to support multiple LUNs, 2 by default
  *  - Fixed incorrect device address mask, preventing the device from enumerating with addresses larger than 63
  *  - Fixed incorrect data direction mask in the GetStatus standard request, preventing it from being handled
  *  - Fixed incorrect GetStatus standard request for endpoints, now returns the endpoint STALL status correctly
  *  - Added in new USB_RemoteWakeupEnabled and USB_CurrentlySelfPowered flags rather than using fixed values
  *  - Added DualCDC demo to demonstrate the use of Interface Association Descriptors
  *  - Added pipe NAK detection and clearing API
  *  - Added pipe status change (NAK, STALL, etc.) interrupt API
  *  - Fixed MassStorageHost demo so that it no longer freezes randomly when issuing several commands in a row
  *  - Host demos configuration descriptor routines now return a unique error code when the returned data does
  *    not have a valid configuration descriptor header
  *  - Added Endpoint_WaitUntilReady() and Pipe_WaitUntilReady() functions
  *  - Stream functions now have software timeouts, timeout period can be set by the USB_STREAM_TIMEOUT_MS token
  *  - All demos now pass the automated Chapter 9 device compliance tests
  *  - All HID demos now pass the automated HID compliance tests
  *  - Polling interval of the interrupt endpoint in the CDC based demos changed to 0xFF to fix problems on Linux systems
  *  - Changed stream functions to accept a new callback function, with NO_STREAM_CALLBACKS used to disable all callbacks
  *  - Mass Storage demo dataflash management routines changed to use the endpoint stream functions
1092 1093 1094 1095 1096 1097 1098 1099 1100
  *  - Added AVRStudio project files for each demo in addition to the existing Programmer's Notepad master project file
  *  - Re-added call to ReconfigureUSART() in USBtoSerial SetLineCoding request, so that baud rate changes
  *    are reflected in the hardware (change was previously lost)
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog152 Version 1.5.2 - Released 31st July, 2008
  *  - Fixed SwapEndian_32() function in Common.h so that it now works correctly (wrong parameter types)
  *  - Updated RNDIS demo - notification endpoint is no longer blocking so that it works with faulty Linux RNDIS
  *    implementations (where the notification endpoint is ignored in favor of polling the control endpoint)
1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107
  *  - Fixed incorrect Vendor Description string return size in RNDIS demo for the OID_GEN_VENDOR_DESCRIPTION OID token
  *  - Added very basic TCP/IP stack and HTTP/TELNET servers to RNDIS demo
  *  - Fixed DFU bootloader exit causing programming software to complain about failed writes
  *  - Fixed DFU bootloader EEPROM programming mode wiping first flash page
  *  - Fixed Clear/Set Feature device standard request processing code (fixing MassStorage demo in the process)
  *  - Added support for the ATMEGA16U4 AVR microcontroller
  *  - Library license changed from LGPLv3 to MIT license
1109 1110
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog151 Version 1.5.1 - Released 7th July, 2008
1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119 1120 1121 1122 1123 1124 1125 1126 1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132 1133 1134 1135 1136 1137 1138 1139 1140 1141 1142 1143 1144 1145 1146 1147 1148 1149 1150 1151 1152 1153 1154 1155 1156 1157 1158 1159 1160 1161 1162 1163 1164 1165 1166 1167 1168 1169
  *  - Changed host demos to enable the host function task on the firing of the USB_DeviceEnumerationComplete event
  *    rather than the USB_DeviceAttached event
  *  - HID Usage Stack now forcefully cleared after an IN/OUT/FEATURE item has been completely processed to remove
  *    any referenced but not created usages
  *  - Changed USB_INT_DisableAllInterrupts() and USB_INT_ClearAllInterrupts(), USB_Host_GetNextDescriptorOfType(),
  *    USB_Host_GetNextDescriptorOfTypeBefore(), USB_Host_GetNextDescriptorOfTypeAfter() to normal functions (from inline)
  *  - Fixed USBtoSerial demo not sending data, only receiving
  *  - Fixed main makefile to make all by default, fixed MagStripe directory case to prevent case-sensitive path problems
  *  - ConfigDescriptor functions made normal, instead of static inline
  *  - Pipe/Endpoint *_Ignore_* functions changed to *_Discard_*, old names still present as aliases
  *  - Fixed ENDPOINT_MAX_SIZE define to be correct on limited USB controller AVRs
  *  - Changed endpoint and pipe size translation routines to use previous IF/ELSE IF cascade code, new algorithmic
  *    approach was buggy and caused problems
  *  - Bootloaders now compile with -fno-inline-small-functions option to reduce code size
  *  - Audio demos now use correct endpoint sizes for full and limited controller USB AVRs, double banking in all cases
  *    to be in line with the specification (isochronous endpoints MUST be double banked)
  *  - Added Interface Association descriptor to StdDescriptors.h, based on the relevant USB2.0 ECN
  *  - Fixed MIDI demo, corrected Audio Streaming descriptor to follow the MIDI-specific AS structure
  *  - Fixed HID class demo descriptors so that the HID interface's protocol is 0x00 (required for non-boot protocol HID
  *    devices) to prevent problems on hosts expecting the boot protocol functions to be supported
  *  - Added read/write control stream functions to Endpoint.h
  *  - Fixed AudioOut demo not setting port pins to inputs on USB disconnect properly
  *  - Added RNDISEthernet demo application
  *  \section Sec_ChangeLog150 Version 1.5.0 - Released 10 June, 2008
  *  - Fixed MIDI demo, now correctly waits for the endpoint to be ready between multiple note messages
  *  - Added CDC Host demo application
  *  - Added KeyboardFullInt demo application
  *  - Endpoint and Pipe creation routines now mask endpoint/pipe size with the size mask, to remove transaction
  *    size bits not required for the routines (improves compatibility with devices)
  *  - Fixed AudioInput demo - now correctly sends sampled audio to the host PC
  *  - Fixed AudioOutput demo once more -- apparently Windows requires endpoint packets to be >=192 bytes
  *  - Shrunk round-robbin scheduler code slightly via the use of struct pointers rather than array indexes
  *  - Fixed off-by-one error when determining if the Usage Stack is full inside the HID Report parser
  *  - Renamed Magstripe.h to MagstripeHW.h and moved driver out of the library and into the MagStripe demo folder
  *  - Added preprocessor checks to enable C linkage on the library components when used with a C++ compiler
  *  - Added Still Image Host demo application
  *  - The USB device task now restores the previously selected endpoint, allowing control requests to be transparently