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Make Low Level host demos use void pointers for the configuration descriptor,...

Make Low Level host demos use void pointers for the configuration descriptor, to prevent warnings when passed to the altered configuration descriptor parsing routines.

Added preprocessor checks to give a human readable error when the class drivers are used when the incompatible NO_STREAM_CALLBACKS compile time option is used.
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......@@ -31,9 +31,16 @@
* it directly. Updating the LUFA library is a simple folder-replacement and gives new features and bug fixes in
* seconds each time a new release is made.
* - <b>Size:</b>
* Not just requiring less code to make complex USB devices, LUFA (under most cases with the correct compile options)
* requires less FLASH space than Atmel's stack, meaning more space for the user application*.
* - <b>Support:</b>
* Since many people are now using LUFA in their own projects, you can take advantage of other's knowedge when you run
* into difficulties or need some advice. In addition, you can also email the library author to recieve personalised
* support when you need it (subject to author's schedule).
* <small>* Atmel Mouse Device Demo 4292 bytes, LUFA Mouse Low Level Device Demo 3336 bytes, under identical build
* environments</small>
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
uint8_t ProcessConfigurationDescriptor(void)
uint8_t ConfigDescriptorData[512];
uint8_t* CurrConfigLocation = ConfigDescriptorData;
void* CurrConfigLocation = ConfigDescriptorData;
uint16_t CurrConfigBytesRem;
uint8_t FoundEndpoints = 0;
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