Commit 60d724e3 authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Move out Doxygen style assets into a seperate folder.

parent 3008f8ce
......@@ -909,7 +909,7 @@ HTML_HEADER =
# each generated HTML page. If it is left blank doxygen will generate a
# standard footer.
HTML_FOOTER = ./DoxygenPages/footer.htm
HTML_FOOTER = ./DoxygenPages/Style/Footer.htm
# The HTML_STYLESHEET tag can be used to specify a user-defined cascading
# style sheet that is used by each HTML page. It can be used to
......@@ -918,7 +918,7 @@ HTML_FOOTER = ./DoxygenPages/footer.htm
# the style sheet file to the HTML output directory, so don't put your own
# style sheet in the HTML output directory as well, or it will be erased!
HTML_STYLESHEET = ./DoxygenPages/Style.css
HTML_STYLESHEET = ./DoxygenPages/Style/Style.css
# The HTML_EXTRA_FILES tag can be used to specify one or more extra images or
# other source files which should be copied to the HTML output directory. Note
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