Commit 67a8f54a authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Fix BoardDriverTest build test clean target.

parent 59056ce5
......@@ -54,9 +54,9 @@ testboards:
rm -f BuildMakefile
rm -f BoardList.txt
$(MAKE) -s -f makefile.test clean ARCH=AVR8 MCU=at90usb1287
$(MAKE) -s -f makefile.test clean ARCH=XMEGA MCU=atxmega128a1u
$(MAKE) -s -f makefile.test clean ARCH=UC3 MCU=uc3a0256
$(MAKE) -s -f makefile.test clean BOARD=NONE ARCH=AVR8 MCU=at90usb1287
$(MAKE) -s -f makefile.test clean BOARD=NONE ARCH=XMEGA MCU=atxmega128a1u
$(MAKE) -s -f makefile.test clean BOARD=NONE ARCH=UC3 MCU=uc3a0256
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