Commit a032d77d authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Fix up some missing target dependencies and output messages in the LUFA build system makefiles.

parent e186907e
......@@ -93,12 +93,12 @@ endif
# Checks the CPPCheck configuration as used in the user project, to determine if any paths are missing or invalid
cppcheck-config: $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
@echo $(MSG_CPPCHECK_CMD) Checking cppcheck configuration check on source files
cppcheck $(BASE_CPPCHECK_FLAGS) --check-config $(CPPCHECK_FLAGS) $(SRC)
# Runs a static analysis using CPPCheck to determine if there are any issues
cppcheck: $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
@echo $(MSG_CPPCHECK_CMD) Performing static analysis on source files
......@@ -71,13 +71,13 @@ flip: $(TARGET).hex $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
# Programs in the target EEPROM memory using BATCHISP, the command line tool used by FLIP
flip-ee: $(TARGET).eep $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
@echo $(MSG_DFU_CMD) Copying EEP file to temporary file \"$<.hex\"
@echo $(MSG_COPY_CMD) Copying EEP file to temporary file \"$<.hex\"
cp $< $<.hex
@echo $(MSG_DFU_CMD) Programming EEPROM with batchisp using \"$<.hex\"
batchisp -hardware usb -device $(MCU) -operation memory EEPROM erase
batchisp -hardware usb -device $(MCU) -operation memory EEPROM loadbuffer $<.hex program
batchisp -hardware usb -device $(MCU) -operation start reset 0
@echo $(MSG_DFU_CMD) Removing temporary file \"$<.hex\"
@echo $(MSG_REMOVE_CMD) Removing temporary file \"$<.hex\"
rm $<.hex
# Programs in the target FLASH memory using DFU-PROGRAMMER
......@@ -82,17 +82,17 @@ $(DOXYGEN_CONF):
$(error Doxygen configuration file $@ does not exist)
# Builds the project documentation using the specified configuration file and the DOXYGEN tool
doxygen: $(DOXYGEN_CONF)
@echo $(MSG_DOXYGEN_CMD) Configuration file \"$(DOXYGEN_CONF)\" with parameters \"$(DOXYGEN_OVERRIDE_PARAMS)\"
# Upgrades an existing Doxygen configuration file to the latest Doxygen template, preserving settings
doxygen_upgrade: $(DOXYGEN_CONF)
doxygen_upgrade: $(DOXYGEN_CONF) $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
@echo $(MSG_DOXYGEN_CMD) Upgrading configuration file \"$(DOXYGEN_CONF)\" with latest template
doxygen -u $(DOXYGEN_CONF) > /dev/null
# Creates a new Doxygen configuration file with the set file name
doxygen_create: $(MAKEFILE_LIST)
@echo $(MSG_DOXYGEN_CMD) Creating new configuration file \"$(DOXYGEN_CONF)\" with latest template
doxygen -g $(DOXYGEN_CONF) > /dev/null
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