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      Updated all host mode demos and projects to use the... · 137ce280
      Dean Camera authored
      Updated all host mode demos and projects to use the EVENT_USB_Host_DeviceEnumerationComplete() event callback for device configuration instead of manual host state machine manipulations in the main application task.
      Added new USB_Host_ConfigurationNumber global variable to indicate the selected configuration in an attached device.
      Renamed global state variables that are specific to a certain USB mode to clearly indicate which mode the variable relates to, by changing the USB_* prefix to USB_Device_* or USB_Host_*.
      Removed the HOST_STATE_WaitForDeviceRemoval and HOST_STATE_Suspended host state machine states, as these are no longer required.
      Altered the USB_Host_SetDeviceConfiguration() function to update the new USB_Host_ConfigurationNumber global as required.
      Moved out the Host mode standard request convenience/helper functions from the architecture specific Host driver files to the architecture agnostic HostStandardReq.c driver file.
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      Altered all endpoint/pipe stream transfers so that the new BytesProcessed... · f555ad7c
      Dean Camera authored
      Altered all endpoint/pipe stream transfers so that the new BytesProcessed parameter now points to a location where the number of bytes in the transfer that have been completed can be stored (or NULL if entire transaction should be performed in one chunk).
      Added new Endpoint_Null_Stream() and Pipe_Null_stream() functions.
      Removed the NO_STREAM_CALLBACKS compile time option due to the new partial stream transfer feature replacing it.
      Fixed errors in the incomplete Test and Measurement device demo preventing proper operation (thanks to Pavel Plotnikov).
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      Make Control Endpoint stream transfers more reliable by adding in early aborts... · 4421782b
      Dean Camera authored
      Make Control Endpoint stream transfers more reliable by adding in early aborts for unexpected new SETUP tokens, or unexpected status stage during control stream writes.
      Fix corruption in Device RNDIS demos TCP stack when too many connections attempted simultaneously, freezing the device when a page was re-fetched before the first connection was closed.
      Fix incorrect model compatibility information in the Host LowLevel demo overview text files.
  24. 21 Jul, 2009 1 commit
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      Added new USB_DeviceState variable to keep track of the current Device mode USB state. · e071f389
      Dean Camera authored
      Added new Endpoint_ClearStatusStage() convenience function to assist with the status stages of control transfers.
      Removed vague USB_IsConnected global - test USB_DeviceState or USB_HostState explicitly to gain previous functionality.
      Removed USB_IsSuspended global - test USB_DeviceState against DEVICE_STATE_Suspended instead.
      Fixed possible enumeration errors from spinloops which may fail to exit if the USB connection is severed before the exit condition becomes true.
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