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I wanted to quickly make a small machine I could learn from, practice using the Zünd and EDM, and take to Fab14, so I designed what became Ischeau. Limiting myself to a carry-on the body of the machine is 12"x12"x12". I started cutting metal a week before Fab14, but finished the body in time to back it up and ship to France. All of the electroncis I ended up doing at the conference, which was really straight forward because I was using a SmoothieBoard, so all I had to do was wire up the motors, thermistors etc. plug them in, and check the config. file.
[SmoothieBoard pinout](
This is an H-bot machine, with 4 linear rod rails, 6 linear bearings, a linear rail and carriage, and a lead screw for the Z. Here's a rendering of the final CAD ready for fabrication.
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