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## 6-Step Commutation
To do this quickly, I'm just going to yoke a timer to a blind 6-step commutation cycle.
This worked out fairly well, I'll add some video ... I run one timer to commutate blindly, and another to accelerate to target speeds. The issue now is that the motor is easily stalled and as soon as it's out of phase, so I'll need some feedback. It might be neat to try this with back-emf sensing, but I'm privy to using the encoder, then we can set real speed settings and ignore eRPM.
In any case, I'd say it's enough to start trying to cut things, with some more current available. Hopefully I won't fry anything in the process: hand on the e-stop!
![video of olcomm](/video/atkbldc-openloop-com.mp4)
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