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## HTMAA 2021 Example Project
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A demo project! I'll keep documentation for this thing [here on the MTM site](, but this repo will store design files / code, etc. Should be updated throughout the term.
### Circuit Design / ECAD
[files in /circuit](/circuit) and [the fab lab Eagle Library is here](
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## 2021 10 07
Haven't kept decent notes for this, but will start. Plan is to do one 'complete' project, though not *really* appropriate as a final project, just a demo of how it all comes together: a little circuit, a little firmware, a little interface / application code, and some 3D Printing, as a treat.
I am also curious to drive some OSAP work for multiple circuits / boards on USB links, re-assembling intelligently into modular programs. Will use this to check that out.
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