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......@@ -10,32 +10,29 @@ The software that runs Clank is a mixture of 'server-side' javascript (running i
### Circuits
... PSU breakout, circuit, CAD and firmware
... ESC breakout, circuit, and firmware
... Steppers, circuit and firmware
Circuits that run the machine can be found [in this folder](/clank-circuits), along with their firmware.
### Firmware
... have the feather-m4 bootloader, link to... std JTAG pinout. one pin on stepper motor board removed when loading code.
... vscode, code in the repo's above, load via usb
Each of the circuits you received should have Adafruit's Feather M4 bootloader onboard, meaning that you can build and flash firmware (if needed) using [platformio]( or (?) the Arduino IDE.
### Operation
The machine eats [gcode](, an aweful and outdated format that we love to hate. If you want to build a different interface, the controller's internal entry point for motion commands will accept a position & rate data object.
#### Generating GCode
- flatcam
- mods
- feeds & speeds
**Isolation Feeds & Speeds:**
- engraving bit or 1/64" flat endmill
- 0.003" total depth in one pass
- 0.15" feedrate: inch/sec
- 10k rpm
**Cutout Feeds & Speeds:**
- 1/32" flat endmill
- 0.070" total depth in one pass
- 0.1" inch / sec
......@@ -45,6 +42,17 @@ Cutout:
#### Flattening the Bed
Since there's no guarantee that the machine's bed will be flat w/r/t the machine's own geometry, we commonly 'face' CNC machine bed surfaces to establish a reference that's aligned with the machine's travel.
The GCode that loads in the controller when you first start it up is a facing routine for the 1/8" end mill we've included in the Kit. To run that file:
- load the 1/8" endmill into the machine
- home the machine's Z axis near the center of its travel
- home the machine's XY axis in the lower left corner (all the way!) of its travel
- run the facing gcode. this loads into the controller automatically on startup, but you can also find it [here](
#### Tool Change
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