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......@@ -41,6 +41,14 @@ In `src/main.cpp` for the stepper motor firmware, you'll find this little snippe
These are motor-specific settings. The selection above is for an updated Z motor with less current scaling than what was originally flashed in the kits (the C_SCALE value). You'll need to swap these around when you flash different motors.
#### Build Errors
Platformio does not like long project directories: if you get errors for missing files, try moving the project folder higher up the path tree.
From Anthony's attempts to build:
> I tried this on 2 windows machines. The first one very unhelpfully threw "Error 1" saying that folders couldn't be created and provided no other info. The second machine explicitly said that the file path was too long. The original file path had an extra Clank-lz-controller-master when I downloaded it so it looked like Clank-lz-controller-master/Clank-lz-controller-master/all other folders here. I removed the top most folder to shorten the path and that fix ended up working on both machines.
#### Uploading Firmware
Once you can build, this should be easy! Inside each board we gave you is the [UF2 Bootloader]( via Adafruit. This means that you can just plug the board of interest in via USB (don't plug two boards on the same network in to usb power at once!), and hit `platformio: upload` with your preferred build settings (those #defines above). This is also `ctrl + alt + u` in VSCode in windows.
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