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# The Clear Air Turbulence

The [CAT]( is a bed-dropping machine implementing a swappable tool system.

This is meant (largely) to serve as an easily-replicated, well known machine that can be put to use on a range of common fab processes: pcb milling (or light milling: i.e. molds), 3d printing (swappable extruder heads would be cool), pen plotting (etc), and knife-cutting.

To do this, I'm going to develop in parts. The top (CA), a low-profile plotter using (1) of [these pulley axis]( on the spanning x-direction, with a modified set of (2) of them on the y-axis (split). The bed (T) a gear-reduced [similar but more-gusto-having axis](

I'd like to take this chance to develop some chassis practice. I have been working through [making decent structures from plastics]( and I'd love to develop a tool (probably rhino/gh) to 'tab-out' arbitrary planes. I think if I simplify these worlds so that (1) only one 'type' of intersection exists and one type of printed part. The part should be small, leaving most of the 'work' to be done with shear through the insert. As a revolve, I can make this world thickness-agnostic as well. Feels like a worthwhile, easy-ish rhino/gh project, that I know will serve me in the future.