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......@@ -304,3 +304,10 @@ The vertical side face needs to attach to the horizontal side face at some point
There is a general design for how this will work:
<picture of the general sketch
# torsion on x axis
As we can see from the picture above, the initial design suffers too much under torsion. I tried three different changes and submitted them through a FEA test, and the last one proved much better, improving performance by about 85% by adding a third bar at 45 degree angle to horizontal. As we can see from the stress test, the stress is much more evenly distributed this way as opposed to being concentrated on where the carriage is. Now I must redesign x axis to incorporate this somehow.
It's nice, I think I can reuse most components and only swap out the middle angled brackets and run the bar between them. Let's test it out.
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