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final cad review

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......@@ -161,3 +161,15 @@ Highest stresses are on top tab with tests 2&3, while most stresses are at the b
A main goal of this machine is to be easy to remake. As such, I want to limit the top face to only 1 tab, as those tabs need to have a 3d printed fitting for the twisted rail. To minimize parts and complexity then, we would like to have designs A or D. Design A does not have enough stiffness to maintain a good machine. As such, design D offers the easiest, and still formidable option, being nearly equal to options B and C. Anything more would be overkill.
##### long cad session review
Oh jeez. Ok The machine looks sick and i think it will perform beautifully. It is kind of a pain to design though simply becasue of the 45 degree bed. Designing webbing to accomodate for all this and new joinery is just kind of a pain and adds some complexity. Most of the complexity is in design though, I suspect assembly is still easy since you're just placing components.
All the main components are cadded along with most joinery.
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