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# One Small Dome
Agnes Camera, Sara Falcone and I made this tiny dome for 99 Fridays in February 2018.
## Drawing the Dome
OK, using this Rhino Polyhedra Plugin I found ages ago and Grasshopper, I make a tiny sketch to count the edges and look at sizes.
We ended up opting for a much simpler design. This way we only have to make one type of joint, and cut one length of member.
Then I sketched a little sheet metal joint:
And unrolled and refined the pattern, adding some notches for folding reference.
## Fab
We cut these on the Fab Light:
And folded them on the hand brake:
We welded the tabs together:
## Assembly
Putting it together took ~45 minutes
## Together
This was fun! We left some yarn about to weave into the panels. Participatory architecture!
## RIP Dodecadome
2018 Feb 9 - 2018 Feb 10
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