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# Shelves
# Furniture
I have lots of books. Too many, perhaps! I'm going to make some shelves.
**This is a stump of a page. CAD for tables is under /desk and CAD for modular shelves is under /shelves**
I've tried this before!
Some things I've made:
......@@ -10,30 +10,12 @@ I've tried this before!
So I'll be doing, roughly, this again. BUT! With CNC Machines instead of just a tablesaw. Although the Tablesaw version was rad, I want a bit more intricacy in the form of some handles, better joinery, and *mostly* I want to do this as a parametric model, so I can make whatever scale bookshelves / shelves / storage areas for as long as I live. Ha !
## The Sketching
OK: normally I would do more of this, but these are just boxes. I've been rolling it about in my head all morning though. Point is: when you're jumping into a CAD problem, please don't *not* do any sketching / careful thinking etc prior to. The more time you spend on paper before-u-cad the better! End sermon.
## The CAD
RAD: CAD - done with this.
Now let's see how it lays out:
7 per 4x8' sheet, and I'm looking at $70 per sheet, so not bad $10 per in materials. I want lots.
- Modular Shelves: painting, sizing, building
- spec many for ULINE paper-size boxes! Rest for book size books
- and KRK is 12.4" deep, 10.8" across and 15.6" tall
33 min / sheet w/ 1/8"
27 min / sheet w/ 1/4"
## JWard Table
[check this out](
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