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# Machine Design
## Intro
Machines in a week
It's easy, so to speak
In minutia is mayhem
OK, welcome to Machine Week.
If you're reading this, chances are you're about to design a machine, and then build it, and then 'bring it online', and then do something with it. Exciting! There's a great deal of complexity here! I have done this a few times now<sup>1</sup>, and every time it's a new adventure. This document will serve as a guide for how to make (almost) a fairly standard 3-axis machine. *!ALERT! ~ This is a design process ~ !ALERT!* so please bear with any ambiguities, and the inherent nonlinearities present. For example, I already have a machine in mind, that I want to build (for reasons) - you may have an entirely different type of machine in mind, for different reasons. When possible, I will take asides to explain my reasoning, but overall, I intend this to be (1) a guide - for how to build this machine or slight deviations thereof, and (2) an exposition on (almost) how I go about considering machine design. Mostly, I hope to demystify CNC D&B<sup>2</sup>
## Layout
First thing, you'll want to get a hang of what rough sizes / shapes / orientations your machine is going to have.
- X, Y or Z ? mm? relative scaling? Relative Stiffnesses?
## Parametric Axis
- Nema 17 Limited
- Go Here
- Racking (two senses)
- Pinioning
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- Chilipeppr (rad alert!)
## Gcode Basics
- may it RIP
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- may it RIP
# Footnotes
1. Link Machines
2. Design and Build
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