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......@@ -432,11 +432,11 @@ Chilipeppr is a browser tool for machine tools. It is familiar with TinyG it liv
To talk to your serial port, Chilipeppr uses a Serial Port Json Server - you can find a download link in the bottom-right.
I'll let you get into that doc on your own, as it's much better than what I can write in the next few minutes. If you're jumping ahead, the configuration you need is in the tiny gear-icon on the right side.
Here you can set motors up - and in the 'axis' tab, you can set things like max. speed, acceleration (max jerk) etc. First thing, you'll want to get Motor setup in order, and make sure your steps / rev is correct - so that when you tell the machine to move 1mm, it makes as many steps as are in 1mm. Here it is for the 'default' axis we are using:
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