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......@@ -30,6 +30,50 @@ There is a rhino file for perusal under ```/cad``` in the repo. Axis are organiz
# Jake ToDo
- upload new .stp for other-cammers
- link to fusion cam as is
- fillet some more corners
- lift psu wall if you can
- psu holes X
- decrease long dimension by 4mm, pull out from wall 1mm, psu is 67mm tall
- holes are too large, decrease to 1/8" or just above
## Assembly
... todo
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### The Tools You'll Want
- soft hammer
- drill, and driver (nice to have two)
- size 34 or equiv. drill bit
- 3.25mm or close drill bit (1/8")
- t15 driver
- 2.5mm hex driver
- 4mm hex driver
- clamps?
- de-burring tool
- flat head screwdriver (playing the role of crowbar)
- Z Gantry 1st
- bang together and screw
- YZ Block now
- all hardware should go on (save for motor) before the go-together - but fit up so that you understand orientation
- socket head cap screw heads should face *towards* other gantry... think of where you'd like more clearance
- X Rail, or first, or simultaneous
- rollers go on
- beam goes together - try to make it straight!
- careful on the direction of the back plate - look at the wire routing bit!
- Y Gantries / Rollers
- hardware on, then bang on, then motors. tight screw, but manageable
- Chassis
- assy Y rails on sides
- recommend hitting these edges with the deburring tool
- floor, then sides on to floor
- faces
- Final Assy
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