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# Roller Milling

Spent some time working this out on the whiteboard today, and threw together some rhino sketches.


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I'm going for simple, strong-enough, and easy to build. Using rollers and pulleys, or, just as easily, rack and pinion or leadscrew-type actuation.
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Next up, getting into fusion to get through the details, then fabbing one axis... designing a simple 3axis machine, and fabbing that.

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I pulled this off with a simple set of flat-milled parts - I was trying to work with the constraints present in the set of FREP and Milling tools in MODS, to see if we could finish end-to-end gantry generation and milling.

The result is OK, it'll certainly do - there's a line to toe between being kinematically wicked and loosing complexity. This is a bit of a midpoint - all of the axis of constraint have 'tuneability' in that their preloads can be adjusted, but all are over-constrained. There's enough (lots) flex in HDPE that this will be OK. There's a version which (not actually existing yet) is dead simple and totally constrained, and a version which is *perfect* motion-wise. 

Overall, it's a bit bulky. There's some detailing left out before it is complete. But I think in terms of an all-arounder axis, this is pretty OK, and certainly OK for being millable from one sheet of HDPE (or alu, whatever).

## CAD

Available Here: 

password is *rollercoaster*

The gantry is built with a set of 'kinematic elements' - a Motor / Pulley Unit, Lateral (into the gantry) and Cross (across the gantry) supports:


These can be jimmied around to make a full set of constraints:

![more bits](/images/multiple-bits.png)

And combined into a complete gantry:


Here's the back of that:


## Hardware Notes

Motor Idlers / Topside Way Bearings mount on M5 SHCS with washers on *both sides* and washers used as bearing shims. Use 3DP bushing (or purchased?) in axel. Important for carrying some moment to plate.

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Clearances here for pulley to be mounted / tensioned! Consider order of assembly, tensioning.

M5 Nuts 93625A200
M5 SHCS (length not selected) 91292A128
M5 Washers 93475A240

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also uses long M3's for tuning, nuts, washers. Length to be selected.

## Some Simulation

It occured to me in class today (Rob Hart fabricated the below component!) that the two-bar flexure I had intended was acting much more like a one-link flexure. Whoops, all well. Still does its job. Here's an image of that in any case: