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# Roller Coaster Gantries
Parametric, low-complexity fabrication linear axis designs using ubiquitous hardware.
## Gantry for NEMA23 Motor, 1/4" Aluminum
[RCTN23-025ALU Fusion CAD File](cad/RCTN23-025ALU_v49.f3d)
- kinematic mounts are three button head cap screws on 20mm grid w/ reciprocal / wherever-u-like mount ins
- all axis have scroll-along top plate w/ connection to motor plate, final scroll kinematic triangle
- all axis have scroll-along bottom beam plate w/ 20mm grid w/ last scroll kinematic triangles
## BOM
### BOM
### Hardware
......@@ -21,107 +29,8 @@ FHCS | Flat Head Cap Screw: similar to SHCS but have triangular heads, used when
BHCS | Button Head Cap Screw: rounded head socket heads !
PLSTCF | Plastic Thread-Forming Screws: have triangular lobed threads and torx drive caps, wonderful in plastics as the beefy threads mean no inserts required.
## 90 Degree Block for 1/4" Aluminum
``` OLD DOC: move this to /kunits/ and /kunits/images ```
Scratch / Landing page for the roller-bearings and 2d-sheet-stock axis system.
With RCT, we break axis into individual kinematic elements - and roll those elements into machine designs.
A reasonable system for beginners, and easy to manufacture (with another CNC mill). Particularely, this system begets the [Madison Park Vocational Machine](
## Building Axis and Machines from 'Kinematic Elements'
Machines are made of degrees of freedom, and those degrees can be assembled from 'Kinematic Elements' i.e. here I have one Motor / Pulley Unit, as well as Lateral (into the gantry) and Cross (across the gantry) supports. I'm doing a mediocre job of explaining this, but here are some images:
To scratch a machine together, I pull elements into Rhino as .step files, and lay them out into axis - here's one linear degree of freedom:
Then I assemble those axis together, keeping track of where I'll be adding plates of material:
![units xz](/images/kunits-before-form.png)
Then I go about filling in detail design, adding tabs etc to bring beams and chassis together.
## Fabricating Axis
I then mill these axis on our shopbot, or any CNC mill you like - the N17 size elements can likely be laser-cut with acrylic or similar (delrin would be nice, but is expensive and a bit toxic to cut, so goes the lore).
I do CAM in Fusion with a .step I export (after flat-packing) from Rhino.
## Assembling Axis
I typically assemble machines one axis at a time. That's not saying much, but here's an image to get a sense of how the hardware goes together:
The 'adjustable' elements use a captured nut to pre-load bearings against gantries. TODO is better documentation of this, but here's an image of the flexure in simulation to get a sense for what I mean:
# CAD for You
### RCT Elements NEMA17 Size
CAD For these elements is available in the repo [cad/elements/rctElementsN17](cad/elements/rctElementsN17)
This set assumes you're building with 1/4" HDPE or similar, Nema 17 Motors with GT2 Pulleys of 6mm width, and have access to a set of M3 Socket Head Hardware and 'MR115' or '5116' trade names or similar, 5x11x4mm. Lots of those.
### RCT Elements for NEMA23 Size
CAD For these elements is available in the repo [cad/elements/rctElementsN23](cad/elements/rctElementsN23)
This set assumes you're building with 3/8" HDPE or similar, Nema 23 Motors with GT2 Pulleys of 9mm width, and have access to a set of M5 Socket Head Hardware and 'skate bearings' - 608ZZ or similar, 8x22x7mm. Lots of those.
## Hardware Notes
! to add here
- hardware stackups, BOM, tuning note
## Notes for Jake
- RCT Mod
- tabs on rail supports still no bueno
- std. order side-wall taps / wall-to-surface -
- of course the belt tensioning needs help ... fold-over or something ? glue it down? single track?
- belt tender assy - 3dp walls, bearings to hold-down, m4 screws on to carriage at edges ?
- motor rotational tensioning: pin one
- and make tools for drill, tap 3dp
- also drill / tap m6 / m4 verticals
- m4.3 or similar nice for m4 thru on motor
- order up tiny clampz
## BOM
- [N17 Bearings](
- [N17 Pulleys and Belts](
- [N23 Bearings](
- [N23 Pulleys and Belts](
# Machines using RCT Gantries
[Madison Park Vocational Machine](
[Small Gantries Workshop Machine](
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[RCTBLK-90-025ALU Fusion CAD File](cad/RCTBLK-90-025ALU_v6.f3d)
``` OLD DOC: move this to /kunits/ and /kunits/images ```
``` OLD DOC: depricated hardware ```
Scratch / Landing page for the roller-bearings and 2d-sheet-stock axis system.
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