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......@@ -45,3 +45,9 @@ Make sure to change 'type' to .step, and check the 'save to my computer' box. No
### [N23 Linear and Pinion-Type Belt](n23_linearPinion/)
## Bonus Kit
### [E Chain with Tape Measure Backbone](tapeChains/)
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......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ Smaller Gantries. Uses 45* bearings in 3DP blocks, with one set riding on flexur
### Development Notes ...
- while heat-setting M4 inserts in for the rollers, (1) there isn't *really* enough space to get the soldering iron in (without melting the adjacent pla) and (2) it's difficult to guarantee these go in straight. maybe use a press-in insert? / a hex nut ?
- long runs (beams) are not stiff ... try 1/8" waterjet stiffening folded members
- in the fullness of time, add an N23 size for torque-y applications like the CAT's bed: this is minimal overhead.
### BOM for N17
......@@ -35,3 +36,4 @@ M4 Washers | - | 4 | ibid | McMaster | 93475A230
### Materials for N17
1/4" Acrylic from McMaster, for 12x24" for small lasers pick 8505K755
1/4" ALU 6061 Typical (6.35mm)
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## Gantry for NEMA17 Motor, 0.25" Stock, Pinion-Type Belt
**STATUS:** mistakes abound, works but assembly and belt-tensioning are not wonderful.
**STATUS:** mistakes abound, works but assembly and belt-tensioning are not wonderful. CAD model and actual typical assembly do not reflect one another.
**USED IN:** [Little Rascal](
## HQ Wire Bundling
Cable Routing is the ad-hoc machine builder's 'come to jesus' moment, every time. Here is a project that aims to help ye faithful straighten out.
Original credit to [the unlinked hero in this Hackaday article](
Trying this with Heat Shrinks
- -> 1" 3M161381-ND
- -> 0.75" 3M161354-ND
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