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## Gantry for NEMA17 Motor, 0.25" ALU
~ ongoing ~
- last rites before building a machine is to 3dp a new set of blocks and re-build that gantry on your desk. test it w/ new circuits and invent cable management that works real good.
### BOM for N17
625ZZ bearings are 5x16x5mm [VXB 20](
Bearing Shims are 5x10x0.5mm (McMaster, 18-8)
Shoulder Bolts are 5x6xM4 mostly and 5x10xM4 at the pulleys.
Pulleys are 10mm GT2 (try to find steel-core GT2)
Belt Pinion is 20T (speed!) or 12T (resolution!)
Uses many Heat-Set Tapered Inserts, M3 (94180A331) and M4 (94180A351).
Smaller Gantries. Uses 45* bearings in 3DP blocks, with one set riding on flexures for smooth preloaded motion. Cut rail on WJ with high cut quality.
### Notes from the First Build
Increased preload from 0.2 to 0.4mm
A few fitting things ... motor mounts get lots more clearance
Increased sizes for heat-set inserts to make overflow smaller.
Overall, pretty good. Could do with some more allowance around the 'reachover' ... recall the M4 Heat-Set Insert for the 'vertical' constraining bearing pushes PLA into the through-hole for its 'option-retaining' shcs.
Ostensibly easy to cut on a laser with 1/4" Acrylic for very-easy machine-making.
Might want to replace all M3 Heat-Set Inserts with Plastic Hardware.
This is ready to be applied in the [Little Rascal]( [(see also)]( project. My last thoughts are:
- could abandond servo-belt type, not enough motor torque to overcome friction at this size. re-up on that for N23, with steel belts, for milling and other higher force applications.
- in abandoning this, belt tensioning becomes easy: make simple, small stops and apply tension at the motor. become smaller.
- I would be interested in a motor-hanging-from-end-of-plate flying belt type at this size, for very fast applications (lasers).
Mounting Blocks-Into-Plate wants a 3.5mm M3 through hole, and counter-sinks. Flat heads into countersunk holes helps overconstrain the finnicky plastic blocks. 10mm length black-oxide seems best.
Plastic is heavy.
Added 1mm more space between the two blocks to try to eliminate the backlash I found in the planar direction. (i.e. in displacements not-normal to the rail).
It seems to run pretty well, wants to be pre-loaded into the 0.5mm range.
### BOM for N17
At the end of the day, they're not a *whole lot* smaller than the N23s.
Type | Size | QTY | Where Used | Vendor | PN
--- | --- | --- | --- | --- | ---
Flat Head Thread-Forming | No. 6, 1/2" | 20 | - | McMaster | 95893A255
Bearing Shims | 5x10x0.5mm | 22 | - | McMaster | 98089A375
Shoulder Bolts | 5x10xM4 | 2 | Pulleys | McMaster | 92981A030
Shoulder Bolts | 5x6xM4 | 8 | Rollers | McMaster | 92981A146
Heat-Set M4 Tapered Inserts | M4 | 10 | - | McMaster | 94180A351
Heat-Set M3 Tapered Insert | M3 | 1 | - | McMaster | 94180A331
Various M3 SHCS | - | 5 | - | - | -
625ZZ Bearings | 5x16x5mm | 12 | - | VXB | [link]( or McMaster 6153K113
20T or 16T GT2 Pulley | 10mm or Wider, 5mm Bore | 1 | - | Amazon or SDP/SI | [Amazon Link](
10mm (or 9mm) Wide GT2 Belt | Find Steel-Core for Stiffness! | 1 | - | Amazon or SDP/SI | [Amazon Link](
## Gantry for NEMA23 Motor, 0.375" HDPE
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