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## Kinematic Bits
Currently the set assumes 3/8" HDPE, 8x22x7mm bearings, NEMA23 Motors and 9mm Wide GT2 Belts
Version for 1/4" HDPE, 5x11x4mm bearings, NEMA17 Motors and 6mm Wide GT2 Belts.
See [cad/assembly/elements/](/cad/assembly/elements) for kinematic elements, and [cad/assembly](/cad/assembly) for one-machine made with these elements.
Motor and XY Constraint:
XY Constraints, with preload adjusting and without:
YZ Constraints ('out of plane'):
**Assembling in Rhino**
![units xz](/images/kunits-before-form.png)
filling in
## Hardware Notes
- needs more clearance on belt-side
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