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hello psu breakout

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## PSU Baseboard / Bus Head
This is a circuit & mount for a small desktop DC PSU and embedded system bus-head. Documentation is sparse.
### What's Up:
- uses [the module](
- breaks out 24V 350W & UCBus on one 2x15 IDC
- second 24V 40W UCBus channel available
- RPI mount available
- RPI UART lines plumbed
- 5V 2A regulator footprint to power RPI from 24V PSU
- I2C Display Module footprint available
- BFCs & Filtering available
### BOM
| Part | PN |
| --- | --- |
| 15x2 IDC Plug | 609-5106-ND |
| 15x2 IDC Socket | 609-3475-ND |
| 30 Position Ribbon Cable | 3M157924-50-ND |
## 2020 08 01
For that power spike, the transient frequency is actually quite high... 500ns 'period', not 15khz: 2mhz. To make a true filter, I should potentially add an R to my C, making a low pass filter. This could pair well with the bleed: if I do a 10k resistor here, I draw 2mA through the 10k, and should use an 80pf (so 100pf) cap to bypass. I'll throw 4 0805 footprints down here, and will start with 10k and 100pf, see how that fares.
OK, through most of the setup.
- pick sercom / DE / RE / TERM etc for RS485 bonus
- pick sercom for i2c display
- pick sercom for rpi serial
- label cut-jumpers, config auto
OK, done.
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