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A little more info can be found at
## 2020-04-07
More prototypes sent to NIOSH testing facility. These are liquid silicone 3D printed face mask and Connex 500 printed filter media. The Filter media is H&V TSP100NS015
Some sneak peaks of what's coming:
![alt text](media/FM04-A001_FaceMaskAssy_2020-04-07_back.png "Assembled FM04-A001_FaceMaskAssy")
![alt text](media/FM04-A001_FaceMaskAssy_2020-04-07_parts.png "Assembled FM04-A001_FaceMaskAssy Components")
re: Filters We have preliminary data from consultation from H&V engineers, but verification at higher air velocities is necessary. If data already exists that'd be great to use! If not, I've got material sheets and would love to get these samples to you for testing, asap!
H&V filter materials. [TSP100NS015](, TSP050YA002, TS050 Plus, PN13015AP2 (datasheets available upon request, they seem to not want them publicly out there)
Specific ASTM testing results/needs requested for our effort :
* Bacterial Filtration Effıciency—Determine the bacterial Test Method **F2101**
* Sub-Micron Particulate Filtration—Determine particulate filtration efficiency as directed in Test Method **F2299**. Applied at 35cm/s air velocity.
* Resistance to Penetration by Synthetic Blood Determine synthetic blood penetration resistance as specified in Test Method **F1862**.
* Flammability—Determine flammability as specified in **16 CFR Part 1610**.
Our is in line for testing at MGH, though validating filter data sooner than later would really expedite fixing design challenges. We've got 200 masks incoming Friday from the injection molders and have NIOSH ongoing, but the ASTM filtration validation at higher velocity is really important to validate efficacy.
## 2020-04-05
Here is an exploded view, and below that is testing at a NIOSH testing facility from over the weekend. The face mask shown is already outdated.
![alt text](media/Exploded - 2020-4-4A.PNG "Exploded View")
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