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A little more info can be found at
## 2020-05-25
We have established a 501(c)3 non-profit [Open Standard Respirator, Inc.]( to house the design specifications of the OSR Model 1 device.
A new mechanical interlock is now in use to secure the face-piece to the rigid filter adapter. To verify the design a segment of the device was prototyped by printing rigid adapter and interlock components and casting the gasket segment of the face-piece.
![alt text](media/interlockTests.jpg "Interlock testing.")
Our partners in Portugal at Simmoldes are now running first article tests on multi-cavity molds. Family mold with two full sets of rigid components. Simmoldes is a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer who has been involved with the development of this design.
![alt text](media/rigidAdapterMolding.jpg "Family mold with two full sets of rigid components.")
Filters continue to be a bit of an issue. We had identified ideal filter material that passed all tests but then was entirely purchased by the DoD for ventilators. Alternative nanofiber materials are nearly promising, though their pressure drop is a bit high. Technically they pass NIOSH tests but are difficult for a user. We are actively engaging alternative manufacturers.
Please contact us if you have filter contacts.
Finally, we are preparing for a field study with 200 users at three different North Carolina county EMS teams. This should occur once we receive first molded parts off the tools.
## 2020-04-13
First tooled component from our prototype LSR injection molding facility in OR [at Kaos Softwear]( This is a molded face-mask portion, and 3d printed rigid components.
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