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# Wood Pulp Filter for Covid - 19
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This project is been developed by
......@@ -38,6 +38,49 @@ Due to air flow, the user could inhale wood pulp fibers, we are adding wood pulp
FDM 3D printed masks are slow to produce and have a porosity bigger than >0.1um, we are looking to develop the plastic parts of the mask through injection molding.
## Current Development
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### Raw Material
Celulose comes in letter size sheets, 21.59 cm. X 27.94 cm with a thikness of 1mm.
<img src="images/l2_1.jpg" width="200" >
<img src="images/l2_0.jpg" width="200" >
We are also working with wood pulp based fabrics, that will act as filter of big size wood pulp fibers than could be detached from the filter due to air flow:
<img src="images/l2_2.jpg" width="400" >
### Fabricating the filter
Due to the density of the celulose raw material, we smashed it and compact into a breathable filter.
<img src="images/l1_2.jpg" width="400" >
### Assembling the mask
We are working with the face mask design by [Wasp](
<img src="images/l3_1.jpg" width="400" >
When everything is already manufactured
<img src="images/l1_1.jpg" width="400" >
We assemble the parts:
<img src="images/l3_2.jpg" width="400" >
And get a finished face mask with a replaceable wood pulp based filter
<img src="images/l1_3.jpg" width="400" >
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