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......@@ -58,11 +58,6 @@ Celulose comes in letter size sheets, 21.59 cm. X 27.94 cm with a thikness of 1m
<img src="images/l2_1.jpg" width="200" >
<img src="images/l2_0.jpg" width="200" >
We are also working with wood pulp based fabrics, that will act as filter of big size wood pulp fibers than could be detached from the filter due to air flow:
<img src="images/l2_2.jpg" width="400" >
### Fabricating the filter
Due to the density of the cellulose sheets the material is not breathable. We succeeded in testing the feasibility of making it breathable. We pulverized it and compacted it into a breathable filter of 5mm thickness. The filter has three layers, the first and last of fabric to isolate fibers and possibly waterproof the pulp.
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